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    Re: Dr. Johan Elliot, the attorney's nightmare

    Posted by ff on 6/24/03

    Mr. Elliot:

    Is it Dr. Elliot? Would you please name those qualified
    persons/professionals that led you to the conclusion you have
    broadcast on Toxlaw. Secondly, if in fact you have a lawsuit, does
    your attorney recommend that you express your opinions (or are they
    his opinions?) on an international website, specifically naming
    (and name calling) the person you identify as the defendant?

    You sound like an attorney's nightmare to me, and a nightmare for
    others you cross paths with. One thing that I believe has recently
    been cleared up on this board, and there seems to be a consensus
    here I hope, is that the style of the post is an indication of
    credibility and intent. I can picture your pre-trial post coming
    into the courtroom, in your case, as it goes to your character.
    Possibly you should have waited until a decision has been reached?

    "If you don't like it..., It makes no matter...,Too bad... " falls
    short of what is needed.


    On 6/24/03, D. Elliot wrote:
    > I just speak the truth. If you don't like it, look up my case in
    > international courts. I live overseas. It makes no matter.
    > You trust this quack. Too bad. Ask Melinda Ballard. She will
    > tell you. The truth will prevail in the end.
    > Dr. Johan Elliot
    > On 6/24/03, johncodie wrote:
    >> If you are going to slam a guy, could you be good enough to
    >> identify the state, or federal court, perhaps judge that is
    >> going to hear that settlement has been cleared from his court.
    >> We want the truth. But we don't want people denied the same
    >> rights. Just provide a start to the road map for success.
    >> Don't leave everyone else hanging.
    >> On 6/24/03, D. Elliot wrote:
    >>> On 6/17/03, C J wrote:
    >>>> Are there any MCSers who have tried Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's
    >>>> Treatment? I am concidering it and would love to hear from
    >>>> anyone who has tried it or something similar already.THANKS!
    >>>> CJ
    >>> Ritchie doesn't know what he's doing. He prescribes this
    >>> drug for a short period of time and doesn't know all of the
    >>> ramnifications! Cholestyramine needs to be prescribed for at
    >>> least 8 months to work in addition to other protocols. We
    >>> are currently in a settlement with him. Don't trust him!

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