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    Re: D. Elliot, Dr. Johan Elliot, are these aliases?

    Posted by ff on 6/24/03

    To: the above named subject/s:

    Would you please be so kind as to provide specific information
    necessary to confirm/defirm the statements/accusations you have made?

    Would you explain what you mean by your statement "We are currently
    in a settlement with him"?

    Is there some other name that you would be identified by, either with
    Dr. Shoemaker, or in the litigation/settlement you referenced?

    I look forward to your response.


    On 6/24/03, ff wrote:
    > Mr. Elliot:
    > Is it Dr. Elliot? Would you please name those qualified
    > persons/professionals that led you to the conclusion you have
    > broadcast on Toxlaw. Secondly, if in fact you have a lawsuit, does
    > your attorney recommend that you express your opinions (or are they
    > his opinions?) on an international website, specifically naming
    > (and name calling) the person you identify as the defendant?
    > You sound like an attorney's nightmare to me, and a nightmare for
    > others you cross paths with. One thing that I believe has recently
    > been cleared up on this board, and there seems to be a consensus
    > here I hope, is that the style of the post is an indication of
    > credibility and intent. I can picture your pre-trial post coming
    > into the courtroom, in your case, as it goes to your character.
    > Possibly you should have waited until a decision has been reached?
    > "If you don't like it..., It makes no matter...,Too bad... " falls
    > short of what is needed.
    > FF
    > On 6/24/03, D. Elliot wrote:
    >> I just speak the truth. If you don't like it, look up my case in
    >> international courts. I live overseas. It makes no matter.
    >> You trust this quack. Too bad. Ask Melinda Ballard. She will
    >> tell you. The truth will prevail in the end.
    >> Dr. Johan Elliot
    >> On 6/24/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>> If you are going to slam a guy, could you be good enough to
    >>> identify the state, or federal court, perhaps judge that is
    >>> going to hear that settlement has been cleared from his court.
    >>> We want the truth. But we don't want people denied the same
    >>> rights. Just provide a start to the road map for success.
    >>> Don't leave everyone else hanging.
    >>> On 6/24/03, D. Elliot wrote:
    >>>> On 6/17/03, C J wrote:
    >>>>> Are there any MCSers who have tried Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's
    >>>>> Treatment? I am concidering it and would love to hear from
    >>>>> anyone who has tried it or something similar already.THANKS!
    >>>>> CJ
    >>>> Ritchie doesn't know what he's doing. He prescribes this
    >>>> drug for a short period of time and doesn't know all of the
    >>>> ramnifications! Cholestyramine needs to be prescribed for at
    >>>> least 8 months to work in addition to other protocols. We
    >>>> are currently in a settlement with him. Don't trust him!

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