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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker: identifying disease

    Posted by ff on 6/25/03


    I think it is the other way around. You need more information.
    Actually, they are identifying disease in people that others failed
    to identify, disease such as the one you have, and illness due to an
    environmental exposure (biotoxins). The problem is, the VCS is a
    tool which aids in identifying a disease when the typical defense
    (agencies, defense lawyers, etc.) has been "there is no identifiable
    disease." Think about it, how well this has worked for the very
    entities you confront, to be able to dismiss a costly health issue by
    simply stating there is no identifiable disease. Once disease is
    identified, then they have to deal with it ($costs). Dr. Shoemaker
    simply wants to treat it.


    On 6/25/03, johncodie wrote:
    > A good ole FDA medical disclaimer does not however; excuse the
    > Shoemaker, Huddell, groups web master also a Huddell from giving,
    > or administering a medical test that contradicted a doctor in
    > california's diagnosis and treatment. Even if this guy was in
    > Singapore, he could have been under treatment by telepone. I don't
    > think these guys buypassing other medical doctors or treatments is
    > a good idea, and violates the guidelines of the American Medial
    > Association. Obviously should violate the medical board of the
    > state of virgina for a non-doctor presribing a test, and giving
    > advise to a man half way around the world in a hospital with a
    > diagnoisis, his test did not confirm. You guys really need to go
    > back and think about this one. Its bad enough that you can get
    > medications by mail-in, but when a guy in the hospital is getting a
    > download of CVS battery of test that does not meet that hospitals
    > protocol; you have a bad case of malpractice, and fraud.
    > You can get this contrast test administered anywhere; and anyone
    > can try to assign statistics to what a person knows he has. That
    > however does not admit or deny what they don't know he has. The
    > only good application i have seen is for glycoma or high blood
    > pressure, is the patient taking their medications. The medicine
    > that they are administering might be great for the vast population,
    > but God forbid if they kill a person, because of what they did not
    > see he had.

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