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    Re: Re:fungicides and EPA investigation

    Posted by ff on 7/03/03


    Go back and read your posts. In my opinion, or at least to me, you come across as
    taking bits and pieces of information, like the Dr. Shoemaker subject, and thriving on
    the energy derived from speculating. As far as your sources, if you only had the
    facts, you would see the absurdity of your speculation, or imagination. Now, this of
    course, applies only to the subjects that I have specific, first hand knowledge of,
    which obviously you did not. I don't want to keep slamming you, but get off of your
    high-horse here.

    I think you have a problem, it may be your computer, combined with your self-
    appointment to some level of investihative authority. This is not to say that what I
    have seen here represents your entire effort, or accomplishment. Go back to my example,
    did you flood your own house causing your own problems Mrjohncodie? Did you go after
    the Sally/ff/shoemaker/VCS subjects because you do not want a cure to surface because
    then, without injury, the big $ figure you're chasing would be reduced? Now Mr. Codie,
    I do not believe this, but this is the kind of BS you throw out at others.

    You need to figure out a way to short circuit your opposition. You nor I will live
    long enough to effect positive change, going at it this way. Again, please, go back
    and read your posts, get an outside opinion, it may help you. Possibly, you are too
    entrenched into this?

    I think you show promise, just clean up your act and figure how to cut to the chase,
    how to use your time effectively to get somewhere. What is it that you want to
    accomplish? Let me propose a thought to you that I have had, because admittedly, I
    don't have the answers. If otherwise qualified scientists and consulting firms profit
    from advocating a position for which they know the supporting science is junk, is it
    fraud? Is suppression bias a form of fraud committed by those that practice/fund it?

    How do you overcome suppression bias and promote legitimate science?

    As far as the Sally/shoemaker/VCS/ff subjects, all you had to do was ask, I gave you
    the numbers via email, you can call me anytime, in fact, how about no more speculation
    until you do that? I am still standing in my own issue, with the agencies and others,
    because I have been truthful and forthcoming. It;s no big deal jihncodie, stop hiding
    behind the computer!


    On 7/03/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Frank:
    > I will give the people that post on this board, and other boards a chance to
    > identify, other places that they post. These post tend to inflame, but it can be
    > indicative of the persons character. Better not to say it and have it repeated if
    > it was not factual, or intended to be said in the first place. One of my gifts as
    > being an engineer for these many of years, has been the ability to remember alot of
    > details, from 20 to 25 years back. But when you are interpreting me as speculating
    > these stories, they are to be qualified as news articles published by a news paper,
    > and reviewed by the editor prior to publishing. You know as well as I do, that
    > investigative reporters seldom identify their sources, and like you state,
    > frequently get the facts messed up. Thats one reason that I don't generaly like to
    > always give the specifics to where I got the information, because there are often
    > people that read the post were actually witnesses to the event. I will go back and
    > find the article and be more specific. We know the cornor had to determine the
    > child cause of death, and since it was determined to be poisioned the epa was
    > ebviuously called in, to file a report. This goes back to dosage, or dosage over
    > time. Now I understand why you can't divulge the informtion, that you know about;
    > but if you have found a way to "find the facts" without putting a gun to the persons
    > head, or drugged, or tortured the individual; you need to let us know how it is
    > accomplished. I find that most individuals want to tell the truth, and be a part of
    > the solution, but are most times fearful of the reprecussions. You can clear alot
    > of rocks up until you have been bitten a couple of times, before you realize
    > creatures that can harm seek refuge there, and it goes better, but slower if you
    > prod with a stick before offering a limb. I prefer hickory, whats your preference.
    > On 7/03/03, ff wrote:
    >> johncodie:
    >> Regarding the fungicide poisoning incident as mentioned by you, just out of
    >> curiosity what was the chemcial? I do find it disturbing that once again you
    >> wander into speculation, that people supppress their failuresand the "farmer" may
    >> have left the chemical out for ingestion. You may well be right, but if we want
    > to
    >> get somewhere in our lifetime, cut it out, get the facts. Why waste energy and
    >> falsely accuse others? Maybe youu were watering plants in your house and left the
    >> house on in the attic too soon? Maybe you suppressed a failure, you could have
    > let
    >> the tub overflow anddi not want to absorb the cost? You see, the speculation cuts
    >> in when it is speculation, about you specifically, how does it feel?b
    >> One additional note on EPA investiagtions of ag chemcials, EPA registers these
    >> chemcials as safe if used according to the label. On the regulatory side, if a
    >> problem occurs, they have the tendency to assume someone did something wrong as
    >> opposed to EPA having made a mistake by allowing registration.
    >> ff

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