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    Re: Re:fungicides and EPA investigation

    Posted by johncodie on 7/04/03

    On 7/03/03, ff wrote:

    > As far as the Sally/shoemaker/VCS/ff subjects, all you had to do was ask, I gave you
    > the numbers via email, you can call me anytime, in fact, how about no more speculation
    > until you do that? I am still standing in my own issue, with the agencies and others,
    > because I have been truthful and forthcoming. It;s no big deal jihncodie, stop hiding
    > behind the computer!
    > ff

    It's not speculation. On 6/28 Sally stated "My first test was performed in FF's home.
    This was under the VCS why doubt it thread.

    On a seperate board that I posted Sally gives her account of VCS, Dr. Shoemaker, and his
    treatment. "I went to the mans house in Florida and took the test an he faxed the
    results to Dr. Shomaker." On 6/27/03 My post Beating a dead horse trying to make it
    drink the complete posting of sally is provided.

    Earlier post to the board you indicated that you knew of Sally and was not sure if she
    was state or federal toxic investigator. Later post both indicated that an attending
    physicain was involved in the treatment.

    "I am still standing in my own issue, with the agencies and others,
    > because I have been truthful and forthcoming."

    Now Frank, I might mistake a pesticide for a fungacide, and you and Mary have bashed me
    for day's on end.

    Why is it so hard for you to to admit that Sally took the VCS in your home, and you two
    faxed the results to Dr. Shoemaker. Why did you say you have knowledge of her, when you
    have opened up your home to this individual.

    Why do these agencies and others have such control over what ever problem there is in
    florida? We both know individuals don't manufacture or test pesticides.

    How about no more bashing an individual trying to tie a common VCS testing together,
    until they are truthful and forthcoming.

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