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    Re: Re:fungicides/EPA investigation/Deb. D.

    Posted by ff on 7/04/03

    On 7/04/03, Deborah D/ wrote:
    > Go ahead John Codie! Right on the nail.

    What do you mean by that? I think he keeps hammering his thumb.

    The way to get the facts is to get out from behind the computer, and be objective, go
    directly to the source. Just consider the statement "Now I understand why you you cannot
    divluge facts." Consider the absurdity of another of johncodies false conclusions which
    twist the truth around to where he emerges as the assumed authority for subjects of which
    he knows little about, but continues to weave into accusations.

    But to me, the worst part of it is, he will not ask for the information as I have
    suggested. Deb. D., do you know who johncodie is? Do you know anything about this guy?

    And I will say it again, if anyone can match my honesty and integrity, and concern for
    others, let's see it. I have a long history of pursuing the truth, the answers, the
    solutions, and doing it out in the real world.


    >> On 7/03/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>> Frank:
    >>> . This goes back to dosage, or dosage over
    >>> time. Now I understand why you can't divulge the informtion, that you know about;
    >>> but if you have found a way to "find the facts" without putting a gun to the persons
    >>> head, or drugged, or tortured the individual; you need to let us know how it is
    >>> accomplished. I find that most individuals want to tell the truth, and be a part of
    >>> the solution, but are most times fearful of the reprecussions. You can clear alot
    >>> of rocks up until you have been bitten a couple of times, before you realize
    >>> creatures that can harm seek refuge there, and it goes better, but slower if you
    >>> prod with a stick before offering a limb. I prefer hickory, whats your preference.

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