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    Re: Re:fungicides/EPA ,etc,etc, Hey Mary

    Posted by ff on 7/15/03


    You are so far off from anything I have tried to convey to you. If you want to extract the truth,
    change your methods? Personally, and respectfully mr. johncodie, I am not going to waste any more time
    or space while you weave in and out of various issues and events, short of the information you need to
    reach valid conclusions.

    On 7/15/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Nice of you to write again Frank. So glad you could go back home for a vacation for a few weeks and
    > had a home to go back to visit. I'm sure you have suffered your share of losses, and have been made
    > well by the MCS medical protocol from what ever you were suffering from.

    We both need to be careful in comparing our situations to others. Years back, laying in the hospital
    after several months, a guy came in with a busted knee cap, screaming and hollering. I wished that was
    all that I had. Then, the nurses rolled me into the next room to hear a person scream as they tilted
    him upside down, bolted to a narrow beam, after having broken his back. It kind of put things into
    proper perspective. Let's not be judgemental of others or lose site of the fact that we need to give
    thanks everyday for what we do have, talk about the gains once in awhile rather than the losses. What
    have you gained from your experience? Personally, I have been awakened to the unsuspecting, apathetic
    public, really getting what they deserve (or to put it a better way, what they do not earn by failing
    to keep up with their civic duty, unless hit personally, they don't get involved). The unsuspecting
    public support suppression bias. If you want to have an impact, effect positive change, that may be a
    good plece to start.

    I've already posted the
    > name of the lady from yahoo sickbuildings that has to most problems, I would like to see help with.
    > She has a very well published case out on disability from government civil servant Porthsmith Naval
    > Shkp yard. If Dr. Shoemaker and Dr. Huddell have a cure for her there would be national attention
    > given to her case, and alot of congressmen and military brass.

    I do not think they really care about national attention and military brass, just researching and
    solving health problems.

    The case in going quite well
    > thankyou. More delay tactics as to be expected. As I stated before, the family can't handel any
    > more deceit as "so whats". If you call not being totally honest irrelevant then what you going to
    > tell the person that you gave incomplete information; "what ever"? Im just shapening the
    > information extraction tools.

    You may be dulling your senses at the same time. Again, in this instance, your "extraction" was
    confusion, but let's move on.

    Now doesn't an attorny drive to get the complete truth to give
    > credibility to a case.

    Please go talk to your attorney about truth, credibility, relevancy, admissibility, and refine your

    You see an association as such a insignificant detail, but in my case in
    > could be the beginnings of fraud, or RICO.

    No, I see the specifics of your apparent interest as insignificant as related to you, therefore,
    the "so what."

    Don't you think the general public in Florida need to
    > know all the details. They are going to bear he price of all the mold litigation, and increase in
    > insurance premiums for a long time.

    Get rid of the suppression bias, use science to solve problems, and we all benefit.

    You need only stop wandering and wondering, and follow up on references I have provided you to answer
    your question about details and my public effort.

    In closing, there is no further need for bickering. I have instructed you on how to obtain factual
    information in various emails and have provided the necessary contact references. Why should we
    continue to waste space and bore readers by posting? I'm done on this subject, finally.

    > On 7/14/03, ff wrote:
    >> Mary:
    >> It is unfortunate for johncodie, at least in my opinion, that he alleges financial and personal
    >> injury losses due to mold/toxin exposure, devotes considerable time to the issue as it may relate
    >> to him, his family, and to others, but after a week of "just being johncodie" he ends up with
    >> absolutely nothing that advances his case, nor mitigates his damages, nor serves to provide for his
    >> family's health. Rather, he he gets lost in "Sally was at my house and took a VCS test." Again, I
    >> say, "so what." Next, he purports to portray an imaginary operative gold mine and attacks two
    >> individuals simply trying to help, that could help him, if he did not get lost in the irrelevant.
    >> You're right, johncodie is just joihncodie and if he wants to be good at being exactly that, that's
    >> his business.
    >> Message to johncodie: I wish you the best at being whatever it is that you are. And as for me? no
    >> gig, no act, and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
    >> Thanks Mary,
    >> FF
    >> END NOTE: I have provided johncodie via email, the agency and other relevant contacts to follow up
    >> on any aspect he desires. He also could have contacted me directly.
    >> On 7/04/03, Mary wrote:
    >>> FF:
    >>> Johncodie does johncodie well. The gig. The thing. The act. Whatever you want to call it. He
    >>> does 'it' well. Just not real sure what 'it' is most of the time, but, johncodie gets to be
    >>> johncodie, you know?
    >>> Take care and best regards,
    >>> Mary
    >>> Signing off
    >>> On 7/04/03, ff wrote:
    >>>> Hi Mary:
    >>>> Thanks for the heads up. Just exactly what is it that he does well? To me his methodology is
    >>>> his biggest problem. I believe he could serve well to advance his issues if he were to refine
    >>>> his effort, and focus his time on direct hits. There is plenty to last him a life time, real
    >>>> stuff, without having to fabricate. An engineer ought to know better, be more exact I'm sure
    >>>> he doen't manipulate his engineering in the same way that he plugs in substitutes for
    >>>> reality/facts.
    >>>> I've actually taken a little time off, so he gave me a nice break. Who knows, maybe he can
    >>>> find an effective treatment for his exposure/health problems?
    >>>> Regarding VCS and CSM, it is interesting that as symptoms subside, VCS scores improve. I
    >>> would
    >>>> like to see more on this. Personally, I would opt for good health over a lawsuit any day.
    >>>> I've seen both sides, or many sides over the last decade.
    >>>> Relax? I fixin' to (southern for "later"), in fact, I'm shutting down here for a while.
    >>> Enjoy
    >>>> the holiday.
    >>>> FF
    >>>> On 7/04/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>>> Hey FF:
    >>>>> Dude, you gotta just let johncodiethecrazyengineer slide man. Either sit back and laugh or
    >>>>> just let him go on being himself. Reason and logic don't work so good with him, you know? He
    >>>>> is just being johncodie. That's what he does, and does it well.
    >>>>> Go outside and play now.
    >>>>> Happy 4th. Think kind things about our friends and family in far off lands.
    >>>>> Best Regards
    >>>>> Mary
    >>>>> On 7/04/03, ff wrote:
    >>>>>> On 7/04/03, Deborah D/ wrote:
    >>>>>>> Go ahead John Codie! Right on the nail.
    >>>>>> What do you mean by that? I think he keeps hammering his thumb.
    >>>>>> The way to get the facts is to get out from behind the computer, and be objective, go
    >>>>>> directly to the source. Just consider the statement "Now I understand why you you cannot
    >>>>>> divluge facts." Consider the absurdity of another of johncodies false conclusions which
    >>>>>> twist the truth around to where he emerges as the assumed authority for subjects of which
    >>>>>> he knows little about, but continues to weave into accusations.
    >>>>>> But to me, the worst part of it is, he will not ask for the information as I have
    >>>>>> suggested. Deb. D., do you know who johncodie is? Do you know anything about this guy?
    >>>>>> And I will say it again, if anyone can match my honesty and integrity, and concern for
    >>>>>> others, let's see it. I have a long history of pursuing the truth, the answers, the
    >>>>>> solutions, and doing it out in the real world.
    >>>>>> ff
    >>>>>>>> On 7/03/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> Frank:
    >>>>>>>>> . This goes back to dosage, or dosage over
    >>>>>>>>> time. Now I understand why you can't divulge the informtion, that you know about;
    >>>>>>>>> but if you have found a way to "find the facts" without putting a gun to the persons
    >>>>>>>>> head, or drugged, or tortured the individual; you need to let us know how it is
    >>>>>>>>> accomplished. I find that most individuals want to tell the truth, and be a part of
    >>>>>>>>> the solution, but are most times fearful of the reprecussions. You can clear alot
    >>>>>>>>> of rocks up until you have been bitten a couple of times, before you realize
    >>>>>>>>> creatures that can harm seek refuge there, and it goes better, but slower if you
    >>>>>>>>> prod with a stick before offering a limb. I prefer hickory, whats your preference.

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