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    Re: Re:fungicides/EPA ,etc,etc, Hey Mary

    Posted by johncodie on 7/15/03

    On 7/15/03, ff wrote:
    > Johncodie:
    > You are so far off from anything I have tried to convey to you. If you want to extract the truth,
    > change your methods? Personally, and respectfully mr. johncodie, I am not going to waste any more time
    > or space while you weave in and out of various issues and events, short of the information you need to
    > reach valid conclusions.
    Personally, I have been awakened to the unsuspecting, apathetic
    public, really getting what they deserve (or to put it a better way, what they do not earn by failing
    to keep up with their civic duty, unless hit personally, they don't get involved).

    Im sorry I don't feel the same way. If you live in Boston and you don't fit in with the Kennedy bias
    then your not going to win. Talk with Ken Moltous, he left Barnstable MA to go back to Oklahoma to
    survive. He is writting legislation that is getting buried in Study. He did not did deserve the
    nonsupport to the State Officials there. I just don't think the lack of education, or fear should keep
    thehard earning taxpayers, from getting their dollars worth. It, "insurance/mortgage finance" and
    disclosure has been termed "legal stealing". Now that is an oxy-moron.

    If we don't have any protected rights, then why did everyone waste thier time celebrating the 4th this
    year? Since morals don't involve religon, it might not go around to everyone; the worst sin is being

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