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    Re: Re:fungicides/EPA ,etc,etc, Hey Mary

    Posted by Mary on 7/18/03

    Hey y'all.
    Whas all dis talk abou a suthren drall?
    I done think any a you got a drall.

    I wudn't wurry abou no yankees sayun you gotta drall, 'cause day don no nutin, specialy about no mold and stuff.

    Mary (mayre)

    (No offense intended. I've learned that I have no idea how to speak 'southern drawl' let alone any idea about how to
    write it. I defer to others.)

    Hey FF:

    You still going head to head with my buddy johncodiethecrazyengineer? You have got to let it go man. Just let john
    do his thing. It seems to be good for him.

    Best Regards


    On 7/18/03, ff wrote:
    > OK johncodie, got you, I understand. My reference is to a bias that is as simple as money and power over time.
    > People get burned because of suppression bias. Can't help much with the southern drawl.
    > ff
    > On 7/18/03, johncodie wrote:
    >> The man is referring to building inspectors that inspected his home, that later got laws passed not making them
    >> not liable for thier over looking problems in bu ildings. Case in point are the people that burned to death due
    >> to the fireworks set off in the club, had inspections, and the current laws protect those who overlook, or look
    >> the other way.
    >> Most recent trips to Boston, and hearing a southern drawl; people what to know about how we caused such suffering
    >> of a class group a hundred years ago, in a period of the country called slavery and slave trade. Excuse me, what
    >> does that have to do with having or retaining a southern drawl.
    >> We proceed on down to Martha's Vineyard from the Ferry and come to a local church for tour and look to find some
    >> air conditioning. Well the proprietor for the church is from Bella Batra Al. We ask her where Chapaqitic is
    >> since we thought there would be a marker or sign, of its historical signficance. With a polite smile she respond
    >> that the local will be reluctant to even respond to the question.
    >> My point is bias between individuals, or groups may be as simple or complex as a time in history, and a way of
    >> life, or a geographical location on a map. If I have a southern drawl why am I guilty of slavery, while when
    >> asked of a historical landmark, it is a subject that is very curtly ignored.
    >> On 7/18/03, ff wrote:
    >>> Last message:
    >>> More clearly, consider that by the time Mr. Moultous approached persons in responsible positions, they had
    >>> already formed opinions based on biased/suppressed science. This places Mr. Moultous, and all others, at the
    >>> disadvantage of having to change opinions, almost an impossibility at that point.
    >>> Credibility is also an obstacle standing in the way of changing (invalid) opinions. Face it, either of us an
    >>> individuals are considered less credible than research and other scientists from agencies, institutiuons, and
    >>> corporations.
    >>> Another factor that should not be over looked is the difference in perspectives, yours for example, versus an
    >>> agency or politician that has to deal with hundreds or thousands of similar cases, routinely. Even the most
    >>> sympathetic could be subject to callous from being overloaded, underfunded, and yet bombarded with pleas for
    >>> help on an individual or personal basis.
    >>> ffbb
    >>> On 7/18/03, ff wrote:
    >>>> johncodie:
    >>>> You are still pretty far off from anything I have tried to convey. I appreciate Mr. Moultous' effort, and
    >>>> regret his family's health problems, but somehow, if you want to make a change, letters like Mr. Moultous
    >>>> need to be recognized as potentially damaging to his effort rather than beneficial (I have written a few
    >>>> myself). I propose that a beneficial effort should be focused on those entities responsible for suppression
    >>>> bias. Then, legitimate entities are presented accurate information rather than unknowingly, having already
    >>>> formed invalid opinions, formed as a result of suppression bias. We will not live long enough to make
    >>>> accomplishments by APPEARING as a whinining, nagging, entity to others that don't want to hear it in the
    >>>> first place.
    >>>> ff
    >>>> On 7/18/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>> My first introduction to Ken Moultous on the sickbuilding board yahoo was veiwing a hospital bed that was
    >>>>> in his home for his son. Ken had to move back to Oklahoma to have a place to live after suffering all the
    >>>>> years of inactivity. At first the assumptions are wow what a whiner, or this guy must be a mental case.
    >>>>> But after a few years and realization that nursing homes are abusing our loved ones by neglect and finally
    >>>>> pass laws to protect. The unfortunate families that provide hospital home care for a loved one has little
    >>>>> to no laws to protect the quality of air, or housing for their most desperate citizens. While bed ridden
    >>>>> they are protected by the same Constitutional Rights of every other able bodied man and woman.
    >>>>> Bias starts with the individual and extends across state lines. As a ragging range fire threating
    >>>>> thousands of families across our nation, legislation is being passed to study the effects of fire on
    >>>>> dewelling. To much time is being lost in the time period. We need updated building codes,and laws for
    >>>>> TEXAS flood victims now; Minimum moisture readings within a building over a time period before it has to
    >>>>> be ripped open and remediated. The days of it will dry, and paint stain block over it and path it are over.
    >>>>> Mr. Moultous
    >>>>> From:
    >>>>> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:03:15 EDT
    >>>>> Subject: For the hearing on SB657
    >>>>> To:,
    >>>>> CC:,,
    >>>>> HTML Attachment [ Scan with Norton AntiVirus | Save to my Yahoo! Briefcase | Download Without Scan ]
    >>>>> For the hearing on SB657 (please forward to the committee) -
    >>>>> July 17, 2003
    >>>>> I was unable to attend the hearing on SB657, Toxic Mold bill by Rob O'Leary, on July 16, 2003 at the State
    >>>>> House. My family and I are sick and recovering from the severe and unhealthy effects from the Toxic Mold
    >>>>> that was in our home in Centerville.
    >>>>> My Wife, Virginia, recently had to have eye surgery. It seems her eyes are infected from the Toxic Mold and
    >>>>> it caused a tumor to grow. While you listen to feel good legislation, Virginia almost lost her sight.
    >>>>> Remember our Toxic Mold is the direct result of the documented, in Government Public Records you have all
    >>>>> seen, illegal acts and failures of Massachusetts and the Town of Barnstable.
    >>>>> A little over a year ago we spoke before your Committee about the Toxic Mold bill we had written and
    >>>>> proposed. I listened to your speeches in front of the television cameras after the hearing in which you
    >>>>> described what needed to be changed to make my legislation acceptable.
    >>>>> I made the changes you stated in your television interview and resubmitted it to you as a replacement. It
    >>>>> was then that you showed, by your total failure to act, that your television statements were a ruse.
    >>>>> The bill by State Senator Rob O'Leary is a do nothing piece of legislation that will harm rather than help
    >>>>> in the fight against Toxic Mold. It will allow, you, the State to stall. Anybody that has been infected by
    >>>>> Toxic Mold does not need another biased study to be done. We need action. NOW!
    >>>>> We need responsible politicians to help us. Sadly, after an exhausting search over the past decade, I have
    >>>>> found self-serving politicians who grandstand on issues and ignore people. You speak of your sadness and
    >>>>> concerns before the media and then do NOTHING!
    >>>>> My family, like many others, lived in Toxic Mold for some years before we knew we had it. If it had been in
    >>>>> our workplace perhaps we could have found another job but we were not so lucky. It was where we lived, ate
    >>>>> and slept. It infected all of us. According to Medical, Insurance and Toxic Mold reports, our Toxic Mold is
    >>>>> a direct result of the combined corruption and failures of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town
    >>>>> of Barnstable,
    >>>>> Even before I knew of the Toxic Mold I came to Beacon Hill and the state for help to fight the government
    >>>>> corruption of the local and state building inspectors that knowingly allowed this to happen to us. I
    >>>>> contacted every Governor and AG since 1993. All protected the corrupt and the corruption rather than the
    >>>>> citizens. All of the investigating Massachusetts agencies; Inspector General, Banking, Auditor, Treasurer
    >>>>> and others, turned a deaf ear to corruption.
    >>>>> You, the Legislature went so far as to pass a bill, without discussion or record of votes, to grant
    >>>>> immunity to any corrupt inspectors that broke the law. This was done to stop my efforts to have
    >>>>> accountability. By doing this, you, the legislature emboldened more open and widespread corruption. You
    >>>>> allowed the expansion and growth of Toxic Mold. You must bear the responsibility for many of the illnesses
    >>>>> we face from the Toxic Mold.
    >>>>> The State Health Department and DEP have refused my requests for them to inspect our Toxic Mold. These are
    >>>>> two groups that you now want to lead the study of Toxic Mold. In my opinion, they wouldn't know it was
    >>>>> daylight unless they held a study or read it somewhere.
    >>>>> The state building standards, another group you want to lead the study, is headed by Tom Rogers. As I told
    >>>>> you all over a year ago, he was ruled by the State as not qualified to be a building inspector but he still
    >>>>> holds his job. I also told you he even refused to provide reports requested in a hand delivered memo from
    >>>>> the AG for reports of inspector and builder corruption he had inspected. The investigation was closed. A
    >>>>> few years ago he even failed to respond to requests from the Legislature.
    >>>>> I also told you and showed you State Public Records that he said our home was unsafe and illegal due to the
    >>>>> illegal acts of the town and state but he refused to write a report as the law and his job required. Have
    >>>>> you ever bothered to question him on these violations of State Law? Why has he not been fired?
    >>>>> This is wonderful Massachusetts and what you say passes for Government sounds more like a third world
    >>>>> country where corruption is the rule rather than the exception. If you want to support O'Leary's bill, feel
    >>>>> free to. It is a waste of time that helps nobody. It allows those that have been asked to investigate in
    >>>>> the past to play a farce in your "new" effort of politics.
    >>>>> I call them like I see them and I call this a sucker piece of feel good legislation, that helps nobody ill
    >>>>> from Toxic Mold. The SD2070 that I submitted is the legislation I refined to satisfy your objections that
    >>>>> you expressed last year. It does what you wanted so why are you holding it prisoner? The answer is your
    >>>>> television comments were public relations rather than the truth.
    >>>>> Ken Moulton
    >>>>> P O Box 874
    >>>>> Hyannisport, MA 02647
    >>>>> E-mail:
    >>>>> On 7/15/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>>> On 7/15/03, ff wrote:
    >>>>>>> Johncodie:
    >>>>>>> You are so far off from anything I have tried to convey to you. If you want to extract the truth,
    >>>>>>> change your methods? Personally, and respectfully mr. johncodie, I am not going to waste any more time
    >>>>>>> or space while you weave in and out of various issues and events, short of the information you need to
    >>>>>>> reach valid conclusions.
    >>>>>> Personally, I have been awakened to the unsuspecting, apathetic
    >>>>>> public, really getting what they deserve (or to put it a better way, what they do not earn by failing
    >>>>>> to keep up with their civic duty, unless hit personally, they don't get involved).
    >>>>>> Im sorry I don't feel the same way. If you live in Boston and you don't fit in with the Kennedy bias
    >>>>>> then your not going to win. Talk with Ken Moltous, he left Barnstable MA to go back to Oklahoma to
    >>>>>> survive. He is writting legislation that is getting buried in Study. He did not did deserve the
    >>>>>> nonsupport to the State Officials there. I just don't think the lack of education, or fear should keep
    >>>>>> thehard earning taxpayers, from getting their dollars worth. It, "insurance/mortgage finance" and
    >>>>>> disclosure has been termed "legal stealing". Now that is an oxy-moron.
    >>>>>> If we don't have any protected rights, then why did everyone waste thier time celebrating the 4th this
    >>>>>> year? Since morals don't involve religon, it might not go around to everyone; the worst sin is being
    >>>>>> betrayed.

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