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    Re: West Virginia Mary < Where is the Masion Dixon

    Posted by Mary on 7/21/03

    Hey Crazyjohncodietheangryengineer:

    Well, wilted salad in the frig sounds pretty hot to me.

    I'm not sure if you rephrased the question or not, but I do like the snorting and grunting part. My impression is you
    probably do that pretty well. The rest of your message is still kinda hard to grasp. Except for the part about you admitting
    to being the 'village idiot', but I suspect you are just being self deprecating for some unknown effect.

    As far as profound goes, stick around, I'm bound to say something really good sooner or later, though I don't post as much
    as before. Okay, wait, I feel something coming on: "Any nut with a computer can post stuff on the internet". How was that?
    Not too bad, right? Hey, did you check out that ACGIH thing reference I left over on the toxboard or whatever it is?

    Oh, and by the way, I was never a nurse, of the RN kind or any other. I'm not nearly a nice enough person to be a nurse. And
    I don't wear ties. Don't like'em.

    Stay out of the heat buddy, I think it is bad for you.

    Take care and best regards,


    On 7/21/03, johncodie wrote:
    > On 7/20/03, Mary wrote:
    >> Hey Johncodiethecrazyengineer:
    >> I'm sorry, but could you perhaps rephrase the question? I don't understand what you are asking.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary
    >> Did you have a pleasant 4th of July holiday?
    > It was so hot the salad mix in the frig wilted. Does that mean it had mold? Little blue bird that you had been watching
    > for flew down and told me you use to be a RN. That why you and Connell know so much about why people can't possibly be
    > sick. You don't remember the famous rebuttal of why the insurance industry company should not have to pay any more than
    > face value of a policy. That was your best rebuttal in months. I may be the village idiot, but I can remember when a
    > persons performance was at its best. When do you think they will start letting you litigating full time?
    > If an attorny goes to an inspection, does that not mean he can, or can not be called as a wittness?
    > Could you tell us your new basis; for being a new and improved Mary? Is Mr. Connel still your mentor?
    > If you can't remember; then it's Ok, most professionals have a limited, or memory of choice. That might be why they keep
    > changing professions.
    > Have you started grooming like the rest of those power tie attorny's?
    > You guys and gals just tickel me silly.
    > I have been known to snort and grunt when I think it is really funny.
    > If you can't remember; just share with us something profound that you have learned new!

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