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    Re: They're yeller johncodie, just plain ol' yeller

    Posted by ff on 8/08/03

    Gutless defense counsel, hiding behind the big check that comes from the bully they work for, picking on little people with disregard for the
    truth, and the impact, devastation they can cause to families. Once an ego like that is fed, it's all over? Funny thing is, I've been around
    long enough now to see what happens when they get their final check, when they're used up, when they actually become a liability for the
    company. The discard pile for used up defense lawyers is growing, they don't realize they've been had, sold their souls, or what it means to do
    so, until it's too late. Good lawyers don't get caught up in a trap like that. There should be some rehabilitation center sponsored by the Bar
    for lawyers that suddenly, and unexpectedly, find themselves back in the game of having to come with 2,000 billable hours a year, from multiple


    On 8/08/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Forget about the line, Mary won't say if she is to the north of the line or the south of the line. Focus on the building technologies of the
    > South and the North. However with the European's having the normal 97 degree heat loads and new associated problems, we will soon see a rapid
    > influx of Brits. We weren't very smart when we started draining all the swamps and reducing the abundance of some of the best mold resistant
    > cyprus trees. We weren't very smart when we depleted the huge vast forest, and huge hearth pine's that provided the major beams for the
    > majority of the plantation homes remaining today. We weren't very smart when we started planting shrubs right up next to our house's and built
    > first floor very close to grade to avoid natural draft ventilation, and depend on air conditioning when catching natural breezes would have
    > sufficed. We were'nt very smart when we quit daily detoxification "southern sweat" and quit supplementing with herbs, natural southern sweet
    > tea. We were'nt very smart when we quit reading the Consitution and the Bill of Rights and started depending on our attorny's to tell us what
    > our Constitutional Rights are. We were'nt very smart when we stopped learing how to fight and standing up for ourselves. I have been accused
    > of being rude, crude, and politicaly incorrect more than once in my life time. I did see the defense counsel today, and he did not want to
    > make eye contact. He may have not wanted to ruin his concentration, or could be he thinks there a laws to protect him from being called out
    > into the public streets to defend himself. I beleive it is called out west justice, and as we continue to have the freedom to bear arms, we
    > still remain the right to confront those that have violated the laws. I find the first admendment rights to be alot more damaging than
    > dueling, or gun slinging. It's getting close to high noon defense counsel, and if your too chicken to come out, the local citizens of this
    > fair city will drag you out to face your accussed.
    > On 8/08/03, ff wrote:
    >> Mary:
    >> You can straighten this out. You'ns, You's guys, yinz, ya'll, all ya'all.. The largest city in this Florida county is a retirement
    >> community for norther retirees. I question the applicability, or usefulness of the imaginary Mason-Dixon line, as true southerners are
    >> getting harder to find. Johncodie will no doubt appreciate this: the worst thing I've ever heard is an actor trying to talk southern. Years
    >> back, I believe it was Huey Long? Anyway, someone argued that "yankee" bees were cross breeding with southern bees, and ruining the honey.
    >> POssibly the mold in the south is coming from the influx of northern retirees bringing mold contaminated materials into the state. Maybe the
    >> Department of Agriculture Inspection Station should start checking for more than plants, and see about this mold thing. We have a mutitude
    >> of problems ranging from bees to mold to northerners feeding the 'gators, that eat people when you don't feed them, usually southerners.
    >> If a Mason Dixon line had to be established today, it'd be a tough job. Mary, take a break, order a book "If Nothin' Don't Happen" by David
    >> Newell. I'm fixin' to go see if I can find my ol' copy, you'll love it, laugh a lot, and learn a little on speakin' southern.
    >> ff
    >> On 8/07/03, Roc wrote:
    >>> Yinz guys aren't making sense now. A revised Mason Dixon Line?
    >>> Yinz should stay on opposite sides of the line.
    >>> Sorry Mary, I have no questions on MCS. Roc
    >>> On 8/07/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Hey roosta:
    >>>> Now I'm really troubled... Highway construction work and detours could touch off another civil war. Oh my. (OH MY, YINZ!!!)
    >>>> Best regards,
    >>>> Mary
    >>>> On 8/07/03, roosta wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/03/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>>> I finally have that answer for you:
    >>>>> "Mason-Dixon Line, boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland
    >>>>> (running between lat. 3943'26.3"N and lat.
    >>>>> 3943'17.6"N),
    >>>>> surveyed by the English astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah
    >>>>> Dixon between 1763 and 1767."
    >>>>> Hope this helps.
    >>>>> The Revised Mason-Dixon Line starts at I-10 Exit 199 in Az, runs east to Exit 187 in Texas,
    >>>>> continues east to DFW,thence to Exit 22 in Ga, thence runs south to I-10 Exit 83 in Fl.,
    >>>>> thence runs west to POB.

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