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    Re: Mary < **The Revised Mason-Dixon Line**

    Posted by Deborah D. on 8/08/03

    Go ahead John Codie, sir! Well put. Let me know when and where the duel may be; may I offer to be your second?
    On 8/08/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Forget about the line, Mary won't say if she is to the north of the line or the south of the line. Focus on the building technologies of the
    > South and the North. However with the European's having the normal 97 degree heat loads and new associated problems, we will soon see a rapid
    > influx of Brits. We weren't very smart when we started draining all the swamps and reducing the abundance of some of the best mold resistant
    > cyprus trees. We weren't very smart when we depleted the huge vast forest, and huge hearth pine's that provided the major beams for the
    > majority of the plantation homes remaining today. We weren't very smart when we started planting shrubs right up next to our house's and built
    > first floor very close to grade to avoid natural draft ventilation, and depend on air conditioning when catching natural breezes would have
    > sufficed. We were'nt very smart when we quit daily detoxification "southern sweat" and quit supplementing with herbs, natural southern sweet
    > tea. We were'nt very smart when we quit reading the Consitution and the Bill of Rights and started depending on our attorny's to tell us what
    > our Constitutional Rights are. We were'nt very smart when we stopped learing how to fight and standing up for ourselves. I have been accused
    > of being rude, crude, and politicaly incorrect more than once in my life time. I did see the defense counsel today, and he did not want to
    > make eye contact. He may have not wanted to ruin his concentration, or could be he thinks there a laws to protect him from being called out
    > into the public streets to defend himself. I beleive it is called out west justice, and as we continue to have the freedom to bear arms, we
    > still remain the right to confront those that have violated the laws. I find the first admendment rights to be alot more damaging than
    > dueling, or gun slinging. It's getting close to high noon defense counsel, and if your too chicken to come out, the local citizens of this
    > fair city will drag you out to face your accussed.
    > On 8/08/03, ff wrote:
    >> Mary:
    >> You can straighten this out. You'ns, You's guys, yinz, ya'll, all ya'all.. The largest city in this Florida county is a retirement
    >> community for norther retirees. I question the applicability, or usefulness of the imaginary Mason-Dixon line, as true southerners are
    >> getting harder to find. Johncodie will no doubt appreciate this: the worst thing I've ever heard is an actor trying to talk southern. Years
    >> back, I believe it was Huey Long? Anyway, someone argued that "yankee" bees were cross breeding with southern bees, and ruining the honey.
    >> POssibly the mold in the south is coming from the influx of northern retirees bringing mold contaminated materials into the state. Maybe the
    >> Department of Agriculture Inspection Station should start checking for more than plants, and see about this mold thing. We have a mutitude
    >> of problems ranging from bees to mold to northerners feeding the 'gators, that eat people when you don't feed them, usually southerners.
    >> If a Mason Dixon line had to be established today, it'd be a tough job. Mary, take a break, order a book "If Nothin' Don't Happen" by David
    >> Newell. I'm fixin' to go see if I can find my ol' copy, you'll love it, laugh a lot, and learn a little on speakin' southern.
    >> ff
    >> On 8/07/03, Roc wrote:
    >>> Yinz guys aren't making sense now. A revised Mason Dixon Line?
    >>> Yinz should stay on opposite sides of the line.
    >>> Sorry Mary, I have no questions on MCS. Roc
    >>> On 8/07/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Hey roosta:
    >>>> Now I'm really troubled... Highway construction work and detours could touch off another civil war. Oh my. (OH MY, YINZ!!!)
    >>>> Best regards,
    >>>> Mary
    >>>> On 8/07/03, roosta wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/03/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>>> I finally have that answer for you:
    >>>>> "Mason-Dixon Line, boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland
    >>>>> (running between lat. 3943'26.3"N and lat.
    >>>>> 3943'17.6"N),
    >>>>> surveyed by the English astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah
    >>>>> Dixon between 1763 and 1767."
    >>>>> Hope this helps.
    >>>>> The Revised Mason-Dixon Line starts at I-10 Exit 199 in Az, runs east to Exit 187 in Texas,
    >>>>> continues east to DFW,thence to Exit 22 in Ga, thence runs south to I-10 Exit 83 in Fl.,
    >>>>> thence runs west to POB.

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