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    Re: Mary < **The Revised Mason-Dixon Line**

    Posted by Mary on 8/12/03

    Hey Johncodie:

    I've been looking a Ridge. I retract what I said. I don't think he knows what the hell he is talking about after all.

    Here is the article:

    Health Effects of Indoor Fungal Bioaerosol Exposure

    Frederick Fung A1, William G. Hughson A2

    A1 Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, Department of Occupational Medicine, San Diego, California; University of California, San Diego, California
    A2 UCSD Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine, University of California, San Diego, California; Occupational Medicine, University of
    California, Irvine, California


    Occupational and environmental health professionals are confronted with issues concerning the health effects of indoor fungal bioaerosol exposure.
    This article reviews current data on the health effects of indoor mold exposure and provides practical suggestions for occupational and environmental
    health practitioners regarding how best to manage these exposures based on published human studies. We conducted MEDLINE searches and reviewed all
    English language studies on indoor mold exposure (visible survey or objective sampling) and human health effects published from 1966 to November 2002.
    The main findings of the studies are analyzed in conjunction with plausible association of health effects and fungal exposure. Five case control
    studies, 17 cross-sectional surveys, and 7 case reports met the selection criteria. Current evidence suggests that excessive moisture promotes mold
    growth and is associated with an increased prevalence of symptoms due to irritation, allergy, and infection. However, specific human toxicity due to
    inhaled fungal toxins has not been scientifically established. Methods for measuring indoor bioaerosol exposure and health assessment are not well
    standardized, making interpretation of existing data difficult. Additional studies are needed to document human exposure-disease and dose-response


    Bioaerosol, Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Allergy, Irritation, Mycotoxins, Mycotoxicosis

    Best Regards,


    PS: I'm not young, but thanks for the kind thoughts.

    On 8/12/03, johncodie wrote:
    > On 8/12/03, Mary wrote:
    >> Hey FF, or do you prefer ff:
    >> Been out and about. Hanging out with what I believe to be yankees. New York is not a southern state by any of our present mason-dixon definitions,
    >> is it?
    >> Tried to find the book at Looks like it is not in print.
    >> As far as Ridge goes, looks to me like you and johncodie have him under control. He over-simplifies, and neglects some of the legal issues, but he
    >> is largely on the right track. Remember, I'm one of the bad guys here.
    > Your not one of the bad guys, you are young and still have your youth. Its not hard to believe when your young there are no limits to what your
    > immune sytem can endure. I keep going back to the old ways and looking at evolution because my genetics has people living into thier late ninties
    > and a few years into their 1ooth. I know that they were exposed to mold but they never had air conditioinig and lived with natural porch, fan
    > cooling. On the other side of the gene pool was death by cancer which we are still trying to resolve after forty or fifty years. Sometimes I think
    > living in denial might just be fine for the most part until I view some video tapes of the babies and what world we are providing for them. I think
    > your perspective will change when you don't hear the words over a conference table, or read the words in a industrial health article. We you see it
    > through the eyes of the peering eyes of a doctor sending a immune compormised patient to God knows what, does it possibly register. "Am i
    > for the health of the and well being of this patient in its home environment?"
    > Ask a old folk how they are feeling today, or better yet drop buy and see how they are getting along? You might be suprized a youthful immune
    > does not appear as infaliable as it once use to be. Now just sit down in the visiting chair and see how long you can stand the stench. You see the
    > poor souls have gotten so use to the odor they don't smell it anymore. Its one of the senses that goes early with the eyesight and hearing.
    > Now I forgot what does that article say about indoor air quality?
    > I'm surprised none of you (y'inz?) dear readers have commented on that Fung
    >> article I previously referred you to in that ACGIH publication. It is more important than you may realize. You should check it out.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary
    >>> ff
    >>> On 8/12/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Hey Y'all:
    >>>> I found a southern communication resource:
    >>>> I'm ready now. Talk that talk.
    >>>> Mary
    >>>> On 8/08/03, ff wrote:
    >>>>> Mary:
    >>>>> You can straighten this out. You'ns, You's guys, yinz, ya'll, all ya'all.. The largest city in this Florida county is a retirement
    >>>>> community for norther retirees. I question the applicability, or usefulness of the imaginary Mason-Dixon line, as true southerners are
    >>>>> getting harder to find. Johncodie will no doubt appreciate this: the worst thing I've ever heard is an actor trying to talk southern.
    >>>> Years
    >>>>> back, I believe it was Huey Long? Anyway, someone argued that "yankee" bees were cross breeding with southern bees, and ruining the
    >>>> honey.
    >>>>> POssibly the mold in the south is coming from the influx of northern retirees bringing mold contaminated materials into the state. Maybe
    >>>> the
    >>>>> Department of Agriculture Inspection Station should start checking for more than plants, and see about this mold thing. We have a mutitude
    >>>>> of problems ranging from bees to mold to northerners feeding the 'gators, that eat people when you don't feed them, usually southerners.
    >>>>> If a Mason Dixon line had to be established today, it'd be a tough job. Mary, take a break, order a book "If Nothin' Don't Happen" by David
    >>>>> Newell. I'm fixin' to go see if I can find my ol' copy, you'll love it, laugh a lot, and learn a little on speakin' southern.
    >>>>> ff
    >>>>> On 8/07/03, Roc wrote:
    >>>>>> Yinz guys aren't making sense now. A revised Mason Dixon Line?
    >>>>>> Yinz should stay on opposite sides of the line.
    >>>>>> Sorry Mary, I have no questions on MCS. Roc
    >>>>>> On 8/07/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>>>>> Hey roosta:
    >>>>>>> Now I'm really troubled... Highway construction work and detours could touch off another civil war. Oh my. (OH MY, YINZ!!!)
    >>>>>>> Best regards,
    >>>>>>> Mary
    >>>>>>> On 8/07/03, roosta wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 8/03/03, Mary wrote:
    >>>>>>>> I finally have that answer for you:
    >>>>>>>> "Mason-Dixon Line, boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland
    >>>>>>>> (running between lat. 3943'26.3"N and lat.
    >>>>>>>> 3943'17.6"N),
    >>>>>>>> surveyed by the English astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah
    >>>>>>>> Dixon between 1763 and 1767."
    >>>>>>>> Hope this helps.
    >>>>>>>> The Revised Mason-Dixon Line starts at I-10 Exit 199 in Az, runs east to Exit 187 in Texas,
    >>>>>>>> continues east to DFW,thence to Exit 22 in Ga, thence runs south to I-10 Exit 83 in Fl.,
    >>>>>>>> thence runs west to POB.

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