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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker's Treatment Protocol

    Posted by ff on 9/21/03

    Dr. Rosen:

    If warranted, could you comment further on the conference, differing
    opinions, and new information presented. Reflecting on the board
    posts which hold to strong opinions, I am wondering if the leading
    scientists/researchers remain objective in the interest of good
    science even though they may feel stringly about their theories or


    On 9/21/03, Gary Rosen, Ph.D. wrote:
    > I was recently at the 5th Annual Bioaerosols Conference in Saratoga
    > Springs, NY ( where Dr. Shoemaker and
    > his resarch partner Dr. Hudnell from the EPA where presenting their
    > work. This international conference takes place every two years
    > and attracts leading researchers interested in medical and
    > analytical research on fungi (mold.) I believe that the work was
    > considered very thought provoking for many of the attendees. Dr.
    > Shoemaker's work is a follow on from the discovery by Dr. Hudnell
    > of the EPA that the results of neurotoxicity from certain bacteria
    > fouling the lakes and stream in the Maryland area was 90&37;
    > reversable by a very simple procedure that has now been approved by
    > the FDA. Dr Hudnell and Shoemaker had subsequently observed that
    > children and adults suffering from exposure to high levels of
    > indoor mold exhibited similar symptons to the neurotoxicity from
    > the water borne bacteria. What followed was their work showing
    > neurotoxicity from indoor mold could be reversed by the same
    > procedures that reversed the illnesses from exposure to neurotoxin
    > producing bacteria in lakes and streams (the ones that were killing
    > all those fish we all read about a few years back.)
    > Gary Rosen, Ph.D.

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