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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker's Treatment Protocol

    Posted by John Codie on 9/21/03

    Found different information as how information can be misreported,
    or in error. I am sure I have. The report I have on Dr. Shoemaker
    was he was provided 300,000 from the manufacture of the binding
    agent to look for as many applications for their product before it
    was recalled. PHD's from NOA in South Carolina are reporting the
    product alos binds with marine toxic alge to reduce its toxic
    effect. I believe if we dig a little bit deeper, the product was
    allowed by the FDA to apply the product by various individuals to
    see what the risk benefits are before it was recalled. A product
    recalled by the FDA is just that stop selling for consumer use.

    No slander as CVS is a vision test also administered for so many
    applications; so please don't give me a standard lecture. The real
    judge of a product often comes from the Federal Trade Commission as
    a product that makes claims that the manufacture can not legally
    represent as being the truth. I have aleady see a ozone machine,
    and a spay on product that claims to kill mold fined, and put on
    hold. We are all for your groups having your conferences and there
    are all kind of labs, and groups that would like to get on the band
    wagon. We might be farmers, country boys, or the next break trough
    scientist. If we need to get a talk started about bias, or pure
    science we could with the first OBGYN doctors were created by the
    needs of a black Alabama Slave holder, extending his care provided
    in a caring and human attempt to right a few wrongs.

    So you can park all the fancy words at the fence row gate, you
    better start talking the truth, and know the truth when you enter
    Gods country.

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