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    Posted by K on 6/20/03

    *There's so much to write I will sum up our case but
    please realize there is a lot more to it than noted
    below* I would like to thank you in advance for taking
    the time to read this email and any consideration you give
    to taking our case. We need an aggressive AZ attorney who
    specializes in
    construction defects, insurance bad faith, and personal
    injury from toxic mold - medically documented since
    purchase of this new house - video taped investigation and
    contractor/adjuster communication - recorded phone
    conversations - journal - 30 to 40+ construction defects -
    many involving major water intrusion including large vent
    in two-story attic (4'X 3' vent) set into wall but never
    secured or sealed allowing water intrusion into wall
    cavities since move in (April 2000) - discovered Feb. 2003
    when my husband (electrician) installed a ceiling fan
    above our bed in our master suite giving the water a
    visible inlet (unnoticed until this point - water seepage
    into wall cavities, etc) -much to explain - not enough
    space - worked with builder to do the "right thing" for
    months - ended up filing with insurance who is becoming
    our new nightmare (limiting scope of work, conspiracy with
    their hired experts (have proof), lying, etc) - builder
    covered up one area of mold when a slow leak was
    discovered about a year ago - neighbors witnessed black
    stained drywall and insulation being taken from our home -
    builder removed us from the house at this time for 3 days
    because I have asthma and the "drywall dust" from removing
    drywall and replacing it to straighten out very crooked
    ceilings/walls - we have hired our own expert who
    discovered some of the yellow insulation with black mold
    still intact stuck to nail board that the builder missed
    when they pulled it out and replaced it with pink
    insulation - no remediation was performed they just fixed
    the leak and closed the area back up - we didn't even
    consider "mold" until Fall 2002 when a slow leak was
    discovered above the kitchen soffit coming from the hall
    bath upstairs - avoided telling me even though I asked
    this time also - we hired a certified lab to test the area
    which confirmed toxic mold
    (stachybotris/aspergillus/more) - left us in home during
    remediation - the builder's hired consultant/expert (was
    not even certified) cleared the area after remediation -
    our expert noted by looking at the report that it
    shouldn't have been cleared because spores were identified
    indoors that were not outdoors - that area now is one of
    the "moldiest" areas - same consultant contracted by
    builder cleared the air testing in February - builder will
    not give us complete report - we received smudged reports
    that you can tell the lines on the report were drawn back
    over the original and changed - further testing from 3 CIH
    consultants found opposite results & there are many areas
    in the home with toxic mold - I can't even go into the
    garage without ending up getting sick and coughing up
    blood for weeks - a pulmonary specialist has noted that I
    can cough up blood "on command" - he performed a
    bronchoscopy - cultures are not back yet - our expert
    thinks we may have a "body temperature type mold" that is
    not being identified - many tests will produce a false-
    negative with this particular species (but there are
    others as well) - We were in hotels from Feb-April then
    insurance put us in an apartment which we were evacuated
    from after 4-5 weeks for water intrusion/mold issues - we
    are now in another apartment - we are a family of 6 (four
    sons) and we really need an aggressive attorney to
    represent us. Even our insurance adjuster says we are in
    his top 3 really bad cases & we have a very strong claim
    against our builder. Please let me know if you have any
    questions. As I stated at the top there is a lot more
    information but I have tried to sum it up as tightly as
    possible. I will look forward to your thoughts and
    hearing from you. Thanks so much!

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