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    Post: Women with sick bluiding kipnapped

    Posted by Sandy on 6/20/03

    i had lawyer for sick bluiding and he didnt do his job.he
    deamnd i sign papers i didnt want to sign I had 150.000.00
    worth damages he told judge said 25.000.00 I wanted a
    trialI demanded see the judgea after 6 years waiting.only
    way if sign a divorce papers and lost heath care I needed
    I said no sec got ugly and said sign or judge make you.A
    person I though cared .demand I go with him to another
    state little did i know he only wanted money I try to get
    awayand when to motel he found me at 430am in morning he
    was atrested for kipnapping and abuse.and breaking bond .I
    was treaated awfull so scared for end he ask if
    feeled funny heput stuff in drink he said and demanding
    moneywhich I gave out fear.aT THAT POINT I risk emailing a
    freind that got police there and he was taken to jailbut
    got out on bond again to stalk me again.I had to stay here
    for trial.which took rest whatI had left I apply for help
    for emency disibly local i waited few months came back
    no.but still waiting for state ssi .they want to get mental
    test.for they say that this can cause sick bluiding mcs.I
    knowc not in my head and now i am broke and almost homeless
    the guy got 5 days in jail on plea bargin and they say
    cant prove he demanded the money. I try 2 high profile
    lawyers but they dont have time or money in return would
    not weight out.
    In my case it is goverment love canal number two.Milerty
    dumping I have maps was
    tested and dignose sick bluiding but now tumors as
    well as my kids and kids lived in area are in 20 30 cant
    have kids ?cancer is high I was told where got map long you
    lived there signs be out 20 years well also 20 and i got
    tumor and dog cover with sore and tumors as well
    other and there pets the media was silent so didnt get
    out.can some give me advice?

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