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    Re: Mold/ Dr Lipsey

    Posted by Harvard708 on 3/23/10

    Thank you for your message regarding the case "imformed chemist" was
    referring to, but I am afraid it will never get noticed on this site.

    On 3/23/10, Dr. Richard Lipsey wrote:
    > The case the ignorant chemist, obviously a competitor of Dr. Lipsey,
    > is referring to actually involves the plaintiff's attorney trying to
    > save money and use Dr. Lipsey's discovery deposition instead of
    > calling on Dr. Lipsey to appear live at trial. Dr. Lipsey was not
    > excluded in that CSX case. His deposition was not allowed to be used
    > at trial because the CSX attorneys could not cross examine him
    > unless he was actually present.
    > So many lies by so many competitors is another reason real experts
    > no longer monitor this chatboard.
    > Atty/MD

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