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    Re: Mold/ Dr Lipsey

    Posted by Just Checking on 3/23/10

    Business must be really off if youíre digging up a 2005 post. I
    suppose the Toxic Chinese Drywall hysteria marketing thingy didnít
    work out for ya.

    Hang in there Dr. Asphalt and do watch out for Frye, Daubert and
    Kumho. Whatís an ole glory hound like you to do these days when he
    canít get any camera time - oh thatís right, fabricate an alias and
    talk to yourself on Tox Law.

    Have you considered another more fulfilling hobby?

    Just Checking

    On 3/23/10, Dr. Richard Lipsey wrote:
    > The case the ignorant chemist, obviously a competitor of Dr. Lipsey,
    > is referring to actually involves the plaintiff's attorney trying to
    > save money and use Dr. Lipsey's discovery deposition instead of
    > calling on Dr. Lipsey to appear live at trial. Dr. Lipsey was not
    > excluded in that CSX case. His deposition was not allowed to be used
    > at trial because the CSX attorneys could not cross examine him
    > unless he was actually present.
    > So many lies by so many competitors is another reason real experts
    > no longer monitor this chatboard.
    > Atty/MD

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