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    Posted by D on 7/26/05


    Sharon is correct. I have been through all of that and more
    while dragging my son along for the ride.

    Be thankful that your parents took you in. Be diligent in
    reclaiming your health. Arm yourself with knowledge about this
    so that you will not put yourself in a contaminated environment
    in the future. Remember that you may be sensitive to things that
    never bothered you before. Own your life.

    A book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by Balch is
    a good place to start. There are several excellent doctors whose
    names have been posted here if you can afford them, this may
    require travel.

    Deborah D.

    On 7/21/05, Sharon wrote:
    > Ryan,
    > I am so sorry to hear what you are deal with. It might help to
    > know that you are not alone. We hear that over and over again:
    > numerous people who have been made ill by fungal exposure have
    > attempted suicide or have had suicidal thoughts. The root is
    > not just from the pain many suffer. The root stems from the
    > fact that one often times loses everything. And instead of
    > getting help from those who should be helping, mold victims are
    > often times ridiculed. Their sanity and integrity is brought
    > into question. Hang in there. Go join sickbuildings at yahoo
    > groups. There are many on that board who will understand
    > completely what you are dealing with and may have some good
    > medical advice for you.
    > It has long been medically known that ear aches are caused
    > primarily by fungi. Without knowing your specific situation,
    > some antifungal eardrops may help you. Another thing that has
    > been used for centuries to help, is to blow smoke in your ear.
    > It can take away some of the pain. This is much more helpful
    > and less painful to address the problem than where others,who
    > deny these illnesses are real like, to blow smoke.
    > Sharon
    > On 7/20/05, ryan wrote:
    >> i have been suicidal for two years since live in a house with
    >> stachybutrys never did i ever consider it before, i have been
    >> in psychiatric wards for the first time diagnosed with all
    >> these conditions, im sure that the mental confusion caused by
    >> the black mold getting on my bead into my ear canal that
    >> caused such intense pain that i had to quit school and move
    >> back to my parents house for the first time since high
    >> school, my ears still hurts nearly two years later and i
    >> still havent found a cure for this or been able to prove
    >> anything medically

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