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    Re: Mold/ Dr Lipsey

    Posted by Educated Chemist on 7/26/05

    For all those who are in need of the following information the case
    posted below relates to Dr. Lipsey the Tenn court of appeals has
    barred him from testifing due to his fradulent credenttils He don
    not have a degree in Tox from the Univ Of ILL in fact the
    University of ILLinois DOES NOT EVEN grant a degree in toxicology
    the attys in this case can be contacted and will you that Dr lipsey
    will not be allowed to testify in the courts in tenn and will not
    be allowed to testify in any other court since this ruling became
    public anyone whpo wishs can go to the court site and read the
    ruling; Additionally the person who retained Dr. Lipsey lost his
    case totally based on the fact he believed the fraudulent
    information give to them by Dr Lipsey this post is done at the
    request of the attorney's to ensure Dr. Lipsey stops his lying
    about his background and education as well as his fradulent CV
    The University of Ill has also warned Dr. Lipsey that heis to cease
    his lying about his degree and credentials

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    exclude the testimony of Richard Lipsey, in that Dr. Lipsey’s
    testimony was.
    properly admissible. V. Whether the trial court erred in denying
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