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    Re: Doctor Shoemaker

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 6/25/03

    John Codie,

    I know you mean well but, you seem very confused to me. I am in
    Arlington VA. I have a company seperate from Dr. Shoemaker. Dr.
    Shoemaker is 4 hours east of me in Pocomoke MD. He is literally
    next to the Atlantic Ocean. He has worked with patients in the
    past with "attending physicians". This means he works with local
    doctors to give a differential diagnosis (together). This is a
    very common practice born from the fact that medicine is complex
    and two doctors can combat malpractice help the patient better
    than one. Also, he does not tell a patient that he needs
    $10,000.00 payment and exclusivity before diagnosis and eventual
    treatment. I won't name names but, There is a notable doctor
    doing this practice. It is legal but it raises the
    question, "How does the average nonrich person get quality

    Ken Hudnell, PhD Neurotoxicologist with the EPA, has worked with
    the VCS technology for years. He and others study human health
    with regards to neurotoxicity from industrial chemicals like
    organics and heavy metals. This type of research helps the EPA
    evaluate the harm that may be posed by the realese of toxic
    chemicals to the environment.

    Although it is the HHS that oversees human health, The EPA bases
    its decisions on human, wildlife and plant toxicity. They are
    charged with this responsibility by Congress.

    Ken Hudnell has worked with dry cleaning chemicals and their
    health effects to the nervous system. Biotoxins - whether they
    are mycotoxins are other biologically derived toxins - are very
    similar in chemical composition to the industrial organic
    solvents like chemicals used for dry claning. Ken Hudnell
    decided to do some research on the side with Dr. Shoemaker
    because they both think there is a reason for these unexplained
    and untreated illness and discomforts. The science is solid.

    These groups you speak about are funded by special interest or
    (if they are indeed pure and follow science) act like slow moving
    ships when turning. They are waiting on the National Academy of
    Sciences or other body of experts to give the research
    the "golden stamp of approval".

    Maybe Phares Heindl can tell us about the dangers of being
    a "standard setting organization" with respect to litigation that
    originated with the National Pool and Spa Association and
    personal injury lawsuits.

    Although your questions are good, life is far more complex as
    your engineer background should verify.


    Greg Weatherman
    Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    Arlington VA 22202

    On 6/25/03, johncodie wrote:
    > On 6/25/03, ff wrote:
    >> john,
    >> is johncodie your real name? yes
    >> I would not recommend anyone post their personal specifics on
    >> he internet, is that really what you are after?
    > I am after why Dr. Shoemaker would propose to test thousands of
    > children in the State of Florida to see if they might have
    > toxic exposure.
    > Do you have some specific interest in me personally, it
    > sounds creepy to > me? No specific interest.
    > You posted that Dr. Shoemaker saved your life.
    > Hell, you cannot even admit where you live or who you
    >> are.
    > I am the village idiot taking on big money. I am an engineer.
    > I went to the same undergradutate university as Phares did. As
    > long a Dr. Shoemaker and Mr. Huddell and his web master
    > advertise as experts in thier clinic in Virginia, and charge
    > fees on the internet they are subject to scrutinity by the FTC.
    > Calm down here a minute, and back off of the
    >> authoritative position you have promoted yourself into.
    > Mr. Huddell stated that he was moving his office with EPA and
    > would respond, when he got re-settled. Still waiting like alot
    > of other individuals that has heard of CVS.
    >> The ball is in Mr. Elliot's court. He made an allegation,
    >> tried to discredit a professional, now back it up. The ball
    > is in Dr. Shoemakers court as he is still advertising his CVS
    > method of detection on the open market. Mr. Elliot appears to
    > be a dissatisfied cleint and wants his money back.
    >> As for treatments, do you want a lawsuit or your health
    >> back?
    > I have already stated I don't have any of the metallic taste or
    > charateristics that he advertises. So why should i want to
    > take his test? I am already in litigation so any half truths
    > that come out to be false hoods it very benefical to the legal
    > system.
    > Which is more important to you, I am beginning to
    >> wonder? What is more inportant to is the Children that I
    > keep and work for. My last e-mail from MS Ballard is any thing
    > keep digging for the children that can't understand what the
    > fight is about.
    >> Is the kind of BS you want to promote on the board? I would
    > ike to cut the middle man money makers out of this market like
    > Phares indicating a technician could probably do as good of a
    > bob in taking samplings
    >> In closing, and in keeping with my first post on this board,
    >> you need to have your facts straight before you start
    >> spouting off.
    > I work the information that I get and try to run it either to
    > ground or to a reliable place.
    > In fact, that's what you told Mr. Elliot and
    >> many others in the past.
    > Ask Dr. Shoemaker's webmaster if he is still administering test
    > by the internet, and giving diagnosis, or advising what
    > medication that they should be taking. The man from california
    > talking with Mr. Huddell (webmaster) was very upset his test
    > came back negative, when it was previously a positive lab test
    > in california.
    > I simply resonded with fact: Doctor
    >> Shoemaker has never heard of Johan Elliot or his
    >> referenced "settlement." Go back to the subject of the posts.
    >> I am not suprised Shoemaker has never heard of Johan Elliot,
    > he does not hear or respond to everyone that purchases services
    > from his internet clinic.
    >> ff
    >> On 6/25/03, Johncodie wrote:
    >>> Frank
    >>> If Doctor Shoemaker was your attending physican, then by
    >>> all means, identify who the intial docotors were, who gave
    >>> you the referral. If you went to Virginia for the
    >>> treatment. What was the diagnosis, what was the
    >>> treatment. What are you able to do now that you were not
    >>> able to do before. I have seen them try to apply the CVS
    >>> screening to MCS, and an assortment other ailments. I am
    >>> not sure what has since been endorsed or approved by the
    >>> FDA, Optometric Societies, or new Medical Specialist
    >>> Council of the American Medical Association. Could it have
    >>> been a treated or diagnosied by any other means?

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