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    Re: Doctor Shoemaker

    Posted by johncodie on 6/25/03

    I am very familiar with your area and the politics on the beltway.
    I usually stay at the Crystal City Double Tree. I have to admit it
    is a very sound and close knit business adventure that everyone has
    joined into referreals. The business must be doing very well.
    Confused, I don't think so! You see if I take this little test,
    and am confused about the results, then I can hit the additinonal
    key and enter my credit card numbers so I can talk with Dr.
    Shoemaker over a test that has already had its disclaimer posted at
    the bottom of the page. I am not suprized that I hit on some
    nerves. What would you specifically get for that additional
    hundred dollar fee, that the was based upon a test that has already
    been disclaimered. Last time I got an MRI and paid about as much
    through insurance, I got result, but did not get the disclaimer.
    Greg what is the disclaimer you pointed out supposed to mean?

    Oh I get it, the truth gets in the way of good business sometimes.

    On 6/25/03, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    > John Codie,
    > I know you mean well but, you seem very confused to me. I am in
    > Arlington VA. I have a company seperate from Dr. Shoemaker. Dr.
    > Shoemaker is 4 hours east of me in Pocomoke MD. He is literally
    > next to the Atlantic Ocean. He has worked with patients in the
    > past with "attending physicians". This means he works with local
    > doctors to give a differential diagnosis (together). This is a
    > very common practice born from the fact that medicine is complex
    > and two doctors can combat malpractice help the patient better
    > than one. Also, he does not tell a patient that he needs
    > $10,000.00 payment and exclusivity before diagnosis and eventual
    > treatment. I won't name names but, There is a notable doctor
    > doing this practice. It is legal but it raises the
    > question, "How does the average nonrich person get quality
    > healthcare"?
    > Ken Hudnell, PhD Neurotoxicologist with the EPA, has worked with
    > the VCS technology for years. He and others study human health
    > with regards to neurotoxicity from industrial chemicals like
    > organics and heavy metals. This type of research helps the EPA
    > evaluate the harm that may be posed by the realese of toxic
    > chemicals to the environment.
    > Although it is the HHS that oversees human health, The EPA bases
    > its decisions on human, wildlife and plant toxicity. They are
    > charged with this responsibility by Congress.
    > Ken Hudnell has worked with dry cleaning chemicals and their
    > health effects to the nervous system. Biotoxins - whether they
    > are mycotoxins are other biologically derived toxins - are very
    > similar in chemical composition to the industrial organic
    > solvents like chemicals used for dry claning. Ken Hudnell
    > decided to do some research on the side with Dr. Shoemaker
    > because they both think there is a reason for these unexplained
    > and untreated illness and discomforts. The science is solid.
    > These groups you speak about are funded by special interest or
    > (if they are indeed pure and follow science) act like slow moving
    > ships when turning. They are waiting on the National Academy of
    > Sciences or other body of experts to give the research
    > the "golden stamp of approval".
    > Maybe Phares Heindl can tell us about the dangers of being
    > a "standard setting organization" with respect to litigation that
    > originated with the National Pool and Spa Association and
    > personal injury lawsuits.
    > Although your questions are good, life is far more complex as
    > your engineer background should verify.
    > Regards,
    > Greg Weatherman
    > Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    > Arlington VA 22202
    > *******************************************************
    > On 6/25/03, johncodie wrote:
    >> On 6/25/03, ff wrote:
    >>> john,
    >>> is johncodie your real name? yes
    >>> I would not recommend anyone post their personal specifics on
    >>> he internet, is that really what you are after?
    >> I am after why Dr. Shoemaker would propose to test thousands of
    >> children in the State of Florida to see if they might have
    >> toxic exposure.
    >> Do you have some specific interest in me personally, it
    >> sounds creepy to > me? No specific interest.
    >> You posted that Dr. Shoemaker saved your life.
    >> Hell, you cannot even admit where you live or who you
    >>> are.
    >> I am the village idiot taking on big money. I am an engineer.
    >> I went to the same undergradutate university as Phares did. As
    >> long a Dr. Shoemaker and Mr. Huddell and his web master
    >> advertise as experts in thier clinic in Virginia, and charge
    >> fees on the internet they are subject to scrutinity by the FTC.
    >> Calm down here a minute, and back off of the
    >>> authoritative position you have promoted yourself into.
    >> Mr. Huddell stated that he was moving his office with EPA and
    >> would respond, when he got re-settled. Still waiting like alot
    >> of other individuals that has heard of CVS.
    >>> The ball is in Mr. Elliot's court. He made an allegation,
    >>> tried to discredit a professional, now back it up. The ball
    >> is in Dr. Shoemakers court as he is still advertising his CVS
    >> method of detection on the open market. Mr. Elliot appears to
    >> be a dissatisfied cleint and wants his money back.
    >>> As for treatments, do you want a lawsuit or your health
    >>> back?
    >> I have already stated I don't have any of the metallic taste or
    >> charateristics that he advertises. So why should i want to
    >> take his test? I am already in litigation so any half truths
    >> that come out to be false hoods it very benefical to the legal
    >> system.
    >> Which is more important to you, I am beginning to
    >>> wonder? What is more inportant to is the Children that I
    >> keep and work for. My last e-mail from MS Ballard is any thing
    >> keep digging for the children that can't understand what the
    >> fight is about.
    >>> Is the kind of BS you want to promote on the board? I would
    >> ike to cut the middle man money makers out of this market like
    >> Phares indicating a technician could probably do as good of a
    >> bob in taking samplings
    >>> In closing, and in keeping with my first post on this board,
    >>> you need to have your facts straight before you start
    >>> spouting off.
    >> I work the information that I get and try to run it either to
    >> ground or to a reliable place.
    >> In fact, that's what you told Mr. Elliot and
    >>> many others in the past.
    >> Ask Dr. Shoemaker's webmaster if he is still administering test
    >> by the internet, and giving diagnosis, or advising what
    >> medication that they should be taking. The man from california
    >> talking with Mr. Huddell (webmaster) was very upset his test
    >> came back negative, when it was previously a positive lab test
    >> in california.
    >> I simply resonded with fact: Doctor
    >>> Shoemaker has never heard of Johan Elliot or his
    >>> referenced "settlement." Go back to the subject of the posts.
    >>> I am not suprised Shoemaker has never heard of Johan Elliot,
    >> he does not hear or respond to everyone that purchases services
    >> from his internet clinic.
    >>> ff
    >>> On 6/25/03, Johncodie wrote:
    >>>> Frank
    >>>> If Doctor Shoemaker was your attending physican, then by
    >>>> all means, identify who the intial docotors were, who gave
    >>>> you the referral. If you went to Virginia for the
    >>>> treatment. What was the diagnosis, what was the
    >>>> treatment. What are you able to do now that you were not
    >>>> able to do before. I have seen them try to apply the CVS
    >>>> screening to MCS, and an assortment other ailments. I am
    >>>> not sure what has since been endorsed or approved by the
    >>>> FDA, Optometric Societies, or new Medical Specialist
    >>>> Council of the American Medical Association. Could it have
    >>>> been a treated or diagnosied by any other means?

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