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    Re: Doctor Shoemaker

    Posted by ff on 6/25/03


    There you go scrambling for cover, sleazing for a way out. No one's mad
    at you, I doubt anyone cares, but would it worry you if they were, is
    this your social life? What's the matter, can't take a dose of your own
    bull? Now you want someone else to take the "golden opportunity" to
    comment? Hoping to hide behind Deb? I give her more credit than that,
    and that's an interesting statement from johncodietheboarddominatormaster.

    From the time that I have monitored the board, I have tried to assign
    some credibility to you, but you make it difficult. You drive people
    away. You're driving me away. You discredit those affected.


    On 6/25/03, Johncodie wrote:
    > Now Frank you said this was the last you were going to comment on Dr.
    > Shoemaker. Golden opportunity for other participants besides yourself
    > to give golden review. Believe Deb gave an endorsement for her
    > toxicologist. Don't get mad at me, im just another plantiff in a long
    > series of litigation concerning the toxic effects of whatever CVS
    > detects.

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