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    Re: Doctor Shoemaker

    Posted by johncodie on 6/25/03

    On 6/25/03, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    > John Codie,
    > I have no finacial gain or interest with Dr. Shoemaker's practice.

    You sure know alot about how Dr. Hubbell and Dr. Shoemaker, MD and
    present EPA employee got together. Now his clinics referral, to
    Aerobiological Solutions Inc. would no way be a finacial gain to you
    Mr. Weatherman? Its called recipocal dealings.
    > I need to know when customers are highly sensitive to mold. This
    > greatly effects my remediation plans. So you have to have everyone in
    an Arligton office building go to Dr. Shoemaker before you can start
    your remediation plans? I can't tell someone that
    > soft, porous items may make them sick through re-exposure.

    That could be called "practicing medicine without a license". I
    believe that is what Mr. Shoemaker's and Mr. Huddell's webmaster has
    committed. Practicing medicine without a License, thankyou!

    > Did you go to the revolving lounge at the top of the Double Tree
    > hotel down the street from me. What a view! Don't drink the water.

    Love the cookies and hey its were the airlines go because of the early
    shuttle to the airport.
    > BTW John, you have not hit a nerve. Good, You obviously have more
    information than most individuals.

    I made a polite (or at least I thought so) attempt to clear some
    misunderstandings. I understand alot of people are pro-Dr. Shoemaker
    pro-Dr. Huddell.
    > I used to refer customers to other doctors in the area.

    Why are you in the practice of refering doctors?

    I had one > customer who was told she is crazy. She could barely
    balance her > checkbook after extreme exposure to a very moldy
    townhouse that was gutted on all 3 floors due to 2 different plumbing
    leaks that were hidden. I have seen ill-informed docs and this doc is
    now somewhat involved with a major lawsuit in this area right now.
    > Solving problems often requires a team approach and Dr. Shoemaker
    > provides me the opportunity to perform better service.

    Are you saying Dr. Shoemaker provides you inputs to patient sensitivity
    so you can adjust the degree of remediation to suit. That sounds like
    a working relationship, even if the books are seperate.

    > Also, charging $8.95 for a test is hardly a "get rich quick
    > scheme". Agree $60,000 dollars for those posted in the site at the
    bottom of the site was not much money, but "you were sure they were
    helped" but you did not have any specific information, or knowledge. No
    one but this guy posting negative on Shoemaker may be the exception.

    Health insurance companies have billed patients big bills
    > for single use plastic tubes of vaseline (Sam Donaldson ABC 20/20).
    > I think an ugly joke may have a beginning with this fact.........
    cell - packs are about the same amount it takes the skill of the
    individual doing the culture, and the knowledge of the test that
    provides and interpretation.

    > Can you show me any specialist MD who charges as little as Dr.
    > Shoemaker does? He hourly rate is cheaper than an automechanic.

    Not a cost issure Greg, it is the quality care, and if a webmaster, is
    practicing medicine without a liceanse! In which case it would be
    malpractice for the clinic. Remember coporations feel no remorse or
    pain, only the officers when they get caught.

    Hey if you ever down, check out the Beau Rivage. It as a view that you
    will want to come back for.


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