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    Re: Doctor Shoemaker

    Posted by ff on 6/25/03

    Hang it up codie:

    In the overall scheme of things, let's admit it: as plaintiffs, you and I are
    insignificant. Are you going to bankrupt corporations with your lawsuit, if you
    win, stand appeal, re-trial, win, and eventually get a settlement? Is there some
    revelation going to take place when that occurs and you post it on the board?
    And don't tell me you are going to win, it's like, well, to use your analogy
    style, telling someone in school you're going to kick their _ _ _. You don't
    know until it's over, or later. Have you ever seen an arrogant, over confident,
    spoiled brat get his butt kicked to surprise? How fast can you run home to
    mamma, or nanny?bb

    As for Miss., isn't there a federal investigation into plaintiff's lawyers paying
    off judges? You propose Mississippi as an example? Of what?

    Lastly, now you go a step further in you paranoia, you suggest Snoemaker may not
    have told me everything, after we have reached consensus on your lack of basic
    facts. How many times do I have to tell you, on the Florida site, I didn't hire
    Dr. Shoemaker, FDEP did. I wasn't complaining to the state, the neighbors were.
    But here we o again, try to give you a few basic facts, and you come back with
    more false assumptions and BS follow-up.


    On 6/25/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Like I said before Frank I am a plantiff. Go watch the movie the insider and
    > you can get a clue as how deep the politics goes. Maybe you can pick me up in
    > the backgroud. Sometimes people like Mr. Wingate do the right thing. In his
    > satement upon deciding what to do with the people he had signed non-disclosure
    > agreements. Amazing isn't a little bitty State Like Mississippi can have the
    > weathyist tribe in the nation, and bring big tobacco to the bargining table
    > without having to file suit. One simple depostion of an witness. So because
    > you have talk to Dr. Shoemaker for countless hours, and did not charge you,
    > don't assume that he has told you everything.

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