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    Post: CSM Treatment to ff

    Posted by CJ on 6/25/03

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I already
    started treatment with CSM. How long after starting did you
    begin to notice some 'tolerance' to exposure and activity?
    My Dr. prescribed the Lite to me. However, when I asked the
    Pharmacist, he said it contained Aspartame (sp?) so I asked
    for the regular. Dr said to take 1 packet/2x's per day for
    1 week. Then 1 pkt/4x's per day till? Normally I avoid all
    pharmaceuticals. They scare me. But desperate conditions
    require desperate measures. It is one of the first things
    that made sense to me (treatment). Noone else has offered
    ANY OTHER advice or treatment to me other than 'avoid
    exposure'. The problem is I have (had) a life complete with
    14 yr old daughter and a wonderful husband and friends. I
    already lost my job and possibly my earning capacity. I am
    only 42 years old and not ready to just stay home and do
    nothing! I want my life and my health back, and am very
    willing to try CSM. The worst thing that I thought would
    happen is my Cholesterol would go down. BUT..MCS is a
    tricky little thing and I have only been sick since 08/02
    and wanted to know others were OK or improvec on this
    treatment. So again...Thanks for your PERSONAL experience.
    It is appreciated...CJ

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