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    Re: CSM Treatment to ff

    Posted by ff on 6/26/03


    I hope your post does not evoke additional response from
    johncodie, whom I suspect is aging, overweight, and could
    likely use a good dose of CSM anyway. Just my opinion, but I
    admire anyone who initiates steps necessary to improve their
    health. CSM is a pharmaceutical product that had been on the
    market for some time, so like you, I thought at the least, it
    would target cholesterol.b

    "Tolerance" was/is a slow, but positive gain. Most notable
    for me in the short term was the improvement in night vision,
    increasing energy, and clarity of thought. Interesting to

    There must be a reason that CSM is listed in EPA's book on
    treating pesticide poisoning (chronic), and recent work
    points to effectiveness on biotoxins as well. I suppose an
    added benefit then would be not only lowering cholesterol,
    but reducing biotoxins from the food chain: fumonisin,
    aflatoxin, etc.



    On 6/25/03, CJ wrote:
    > Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I already
    > started treatment with CSM. How long after starting did you
    > begin to notice some 'tolerance' to exposure and activity?
    > My Dr. prescribed the Lite to me. However, when I asked the
    > Pharmacist, he said it contained Aspartame (sp?) so I asked
    > for the regular. Dr said to take 1 packet/2x's per day for
    > 1 week. Then 1 pkt/4x's per day till? Normally I avoid all
    > pharmaceuticals. They scare me. But desperate conditions
    > require desperate measures. It is one of the first things
    > that made sense to me (treatment). Noone else has offered
    > ANY OTHER advice or treatment to me other than 'avoid
    > exposure'. The problem is I have (had) a life complete with
    > 14 yr old daughter and a wonderful husband and friends. I
    > already lost my job and possibly my earning capacity. I am
    > only 42 years old and not ready to just stay home and do
    > nothing! I want my life and my health back, and am very
    > willing to try CSM. The worst thing that I thought would
    > happen is my Cholesterol would go down. BUT..MCS is a
    > tricky little thing and I have only been sick since 08/02
    > and wanted to know others were OK or improvec on this
    > treatment. So again...Thanks for your PERSONAL experience.
    > It is appreciated...CJ

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