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    Re: suppression/repression bias - make a difference

    Posted by johncodie on 6/26/03

    The term that is commonly used in the industry, is being a "team
    player" or a person in the inner circle who can be trusted. To
    become a team player one has to devoid of most all scientific
    knowledge and proceed to support the agenda and prove one's self as
    being included. Harrassing a non-team player is one of the roles
    of a wana-be team player. The agenda can be set by any group or
    authority that controls the money, ie he that has the gold rules.
    A person does not have to be a team player to survive, but better
    understand the rules to become effective in getting any work out,
    and being able to go around the chiefs and door watchers. There
    are always spy's amoung us. Not uncommon to have ex FBI/CIA agents
    asked, or recruited to use internal sources to spy on non-team
    players. Effective ways to get the non conformers to quit, or be

    Benjaman Franklin proposed prior to the establishment of the
    constitution that not all citizen were well educated enough to
    vote, and there was a compromise between states concerning
    property. I have had the fortune to work with the government of
    Isreal, and work with both jewish and palestian citizens. The have
    some of the stongest survival instincts of any people of the world.

    It takes guts to be a wistleblower Frank, and work around the
    system. The problem is finding or recognizing the potential
    problems, (like SARs or AIDs or perhaps toxic mold) or taking on
    tobacco and making a difference without being killed in the
    process. I push buttons on the keyboard and push buttons on the
    members of the teamplayers because the know that if it was'nt for
    the dedicated worker, they would be out on the streets.

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