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    Re: suppression/repression bias - make a difference

    Posted by ff on 6/26/03


    Thanks for the site reference. I remember Sally, she worked for a
    state/fed. agency as an environmental investigator. I don't know what
    alliance she is referring to, but it could be of state employees, as a
    number of them reported health problems from exposures to many sites
    during the relevant time period. Their complaints were not recieved well
    by the state, and the typical damage control group emerged to squelch it

    I won't say I'm a loner, but I stand on my own, I'm not into groups
    or "sides." Any effort on my part is on a voluntary basis.

    I want to stay away from argument, but often it does seem as though you
    pick up a piece/fragment of information and expand it into a conclusion,
    an invalid one, but I likely do the same thing from time to time? As for
    DuPont, your conclusion on the appeals court is questionable.

    As for implicating my business, it is well known that agencies and others
    chose the site for investigative work related to a disaster affecting
    many sites. This was due to a willigness to cooperate, a quest for
    answers and solutions, and the research work we had already conducted.
    The end result, as it may apply here, is the experience and knowledge
    that comes through interatcion with multiple agencies, scientisis,
    laboratories, universities, corporations, and so on.


    On 6/26/03, johncodie wrote:
    > It does'nt have to strictly be about science. It can be about
    > spaceships, or the next generation proton accellerator. Too bad about
    > the state of florida going with the tobaccoo guys, Wingate got his
    > message out. "An addictive drug delivery device". People still choose
    > to smoke. Not taking cheap shots at you Frank. It looks like the
    > appeals court is also favoring Dupont. Usaully a whitleblower only
    > gets one shot and in keytam it is also about money being collected for
    > the government. Just trying to gleem from pervious peoples mistakes,
    > and not saying you guys are not successful.
    > I found a site from what appears to be some of Dr. Shoemakers
    > comments. You may know Sally and helped her with her problem. I am
    > not asking you to implicate your business. For others on the board, I
    > am sorry for the button pushing. I have found it be an effective
    > method of having the lines of bias illuminated by the responses.

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