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    Re: Codie's no Mary

    Posted by johncodie on 6/27/03

    Thanks for the Compliment.

    You don't have any problem with the person being disposed from being honest do you Mary?
    You know its the place where the attornys go before the trail so they can size up their
    case. The place where questions get a truthful response. The attorny can't make you have a
    answer, as you can simply say that you don't have any knowledge. Like I pointed out earlier
    the tobacco attorny requested his name be revealed to the public as securing a loan for the
    Lt. Governor. His star witness Wingate went against the State of Kentucky and gave a
    depostiton as medical, for public health that would have made it admissable, and could not be
    suppressed. Greg and Frank, Jump out in the defense of Dr. Shoemaker who has been made a
    public figure, as advertised on boards to be the leading Medical Lead. One post designated
    him as a Quack and alleged a pending settlment which was responded with a name drop to M.
    Ballard, and international court. It depends which side your on if the depostion is going to
    be fun Mary. If your telling the truth and don't have anything to hide, its great. If you
    have been lying and trying to concel information, it can be Hell. So you decide who has
    anything to hide.

    On 6/27/03, Mary wrote:
    > Hey FF:
    > Been here all along. Just kinda hanging back and watching. Pretty weird place for the most
    > part.
    > What can I say... Johncodie is just being Johncodie. I'm sure he is a lot of fun at a dep.
    > For all involved.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary

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