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    Re: Codie's inherently flawed

    Posted by ff on 6/27/03


    What? Too many flaws inherent in his post/thinking for me, or is it just me? How truthful is
    the response if the attorney cannot make you answer because you responded "I don't have any


    On 6/27/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Thanks for the Compliment.
    > You don't have any problem with the person being disposed from being honest do you Mary?
    > You know its the place where the attornys go before the trail so they can size up their
    > case. The place where questions get a truthful response. The attorny can't make you have a
    > answer, as you can simply say that you don't have any knowledge. Like I pointed out earlier
    > the tobacco attorny requested his name be revealed to the public as securing a loan for the
    > Lt. Governor. His star witness Wingate went against the State of Kentucky and gave a
    > depostiton as medical, for public health that would have made it admissable, and could not be
    > suppressed. Greg and Frank, Jump out in the defense of Dr. Shoemaker who has been made a
    > public figure, as advertised on boards to be the leading Medical Lead. One post designated
    > him as a Quack and alleged a pending settlment which was responded with a name drop to M.
    > Ballard, and international court. It depends which side your on if the depostion is going to
    > be fun Mary. If your telling the truth and don't have anything to hide, its great. If you
    > have been lying and trying to concel information, it can be Hell. So you decide who has
    > anything to hide.
    > On 6/27/03, Mary wrote:
    >> Hey FF:
    >> Been here all along. Just kinda hanging back and watching. Pretty weird place for the most
    >> part.
    >> What can I say... Johncodie is just being Johncodie. I'm sure he is a lot of fun at a dep.
    >> For all involved.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary

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