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    Re: I need the best attorney in the country, period.

    Posted by Daniel on 1/30/04

    On 1/20/04, KnowTooMuch wrote:
    > On 6/26/03, ff wrote:
    >> Daniel:
    >> Suppression/Repression bias at work. Can you include fraud,
    >> in the private sector?
    >> ff
    >> On 6/26/03, Daniel wrote:
    >>> I will make it short and to the point. I need to find the
    >>> best attorney in the country for a Common Pleas Trial Case
    >>> against Workers' Comp, state of Ohio, as it deals with
    >>> Formaldehyde exposure in an inadequately ventilated office
    >>> building. I have been diagnosed by a well-respected MD in
    >>> this specialized field of environmental medicine, with
    >>> permanent disability, with this office environment as the
    >>> cause with a high degree of medical certainty. All
    >>> administrative decisions have been denied. The
    >>> phrase "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" is not being used as
    >>> the diagnosis, but sensitivity to many environmental
    >>> chemicals.
    >>> Any suggestions, as I have filed the case in Common Pleas
    >>> Court in Ohio, no trial date set as of yet. Date of
    >>> disability goes back to Sept. 15, 1998. Not one penny of
    >>> lost wages or medical bills has been paid by Ohio Workers'
    >>> Compensation, even though Social Security has allowed the
    >>> disability.
    >>> Anyone who enters into this misfortunate arena will be
    >>> dealing with the cards stacked against them, as the system
    >>> is corrupt from political pressures. I have personally
    >>> witnessed this: corrupt IME exams, corrupt Ohio Attorney
    >>> General's office, corrupt Ohio Workers' Compensation
    >>> system. They play with the phrase "Multiple Chemical
    >>> Sensitivity" as if it is taboo. Hence, my case does not
    >>> mention this, yet the IME exam stated this as my alleged
    >>> injury.
    >>> Again, any referrals would be appreciated, as the trial
    >>> would most likely take 1 to 2 days, with a trial attorney
    >>> being the most important aspect in trying to win this
    >>> appeal.
    > Hi There: I just read your unfortunate, too often,
    > situation. What area do you live in? What about Phil
    > Fulton. Great attorney! I worked for one of those doctors,
    > who got the god syndrome a few years back and I quit.

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