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    Re: I need the best attorney in the country, period.

    Posted by jocko on 9/04/03

    On 8/04/03, jo wrote:
    > On 6/26/03, ff wrote:
    >> Daniel:
    >> Suppression/Repression bias at work. Can you include fraud,
    >> in the private sector?
    >> ff
    >> On 6/26/03, Daniel wrote:
    >>> I will make it short and to the point. I need to find the
    >>> best attorney in the country for a Common Pleas Trial Case
    >>> against Workers' Comp, state of Ohio, as it deals with
    >>> Formaldehyde exposure in an inadequately ventilated office
    >>> building. I have been diagnosed by a well-respected MD in
    >>> this specialized field of environmental medicine, with
    >>> permanent disability, with this office environment as the
    >>> cause with a high degree of medical certainty. All
    >>> administrative decisions have been denied. The
    >>> phrase "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" is not being used as
    >>> the diagnosis, but sensitivity to many environmental
    >>> chemicals.
    >>> Any suggestions, as I have filed the case in Common Pleas
    >>> Court in Ohio, no trial date set as of yet. Date of
    >>> disability goes back to Sept. 15, 1998. Not one penny of
    >>> lost wages or medical bills has been paid by Ohio Workers'
    >>> Compensation, even though Social Security has allowed the
    >>> disability.
    >>> Anyone who enters into this misfortunate arena will be
    >>> dealing with the cards stacked against them, as the system
    >>> is corrupt from political pressures. I have personally
    >>> witnessed this: corrupt IME exams, corrupt Ohio Attorney
    >>> General's office, corrupt Ohio Workers' Compensation
    >>> system. They play with the phrase "Multiple Chemical
    >>> Sensitivity" as if it is taboo. Hence, my case does not
    >>> mention this, yet the IME exam stated this as my alleged
    >>> injury.
    >>> Again, any referrals would be appreciated, as the trial
    >>> would most likely take 1 to 2 days, with a trial attorney
    >>> being the most important aspect in trying to win this
    >>> appeal.

    I am unsure if this firm is able to defend you in your state, but
    a quick phone call to the managing attorney will give you all the
    answers you seek. I have found this firm to be the sharpest, most
    consistant and plaintiff minded firm in my experience. I met them
    in a disposition for a man I worked for and I have been impressed
    by the care in which they take to properly and fairly represent
    all their clients in my field of construction.
    I have known them for 15 years and they have never failed to
    properly handle a case. They are for lack of a better analogy, the
    300 pound guerillas of compensation law in this "little town" and
    they only specialize in workmen's compensatory cases for
    plaintiffs. Arye, Lustig & Sassower, PC located in New York City,
    NY. 212-732-4992 Mitchell Sassower is the managing partner and
    will give you the time of day as to where you stand. Carl Lustig,
    another partner I know personally, is the sharpest trial attorney
    I have ever heard of and the only reason he is not a household
    name is because their practice is focused upon workmen's
    compensation cases and those don't usually make the papers.
    I also have noticed that sharp people in general know who the
    other sharp people are. They flock together, and even if this firm
    cannot help you, they can find the right lawyer to defend your
    interests, which by the way is the way the system is supposed to
    work. If you are injured by someone's irresponsibility, you should
    have a fair opportunity to hold them accountable. The actions of
    the few who are twisting the system shouldn't reduce your right to
    address proper questions of accountability with those who shirk
    their responsibilities. I hope you find someone proficient to
    represent you and hold them accountable. Don't give up.

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