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    Post: Validity of VCS

    Posted by johncodie on 6/27/03

    Dr. Shoemaker is not in Moss Point giving his VCS testing
    to try and determine the local population exposure to
    Toxins. Correct me Hr. Huddell or Dr. Shoemaker if I am
    wrong. The NAACP has had its public forumn concerning the
    intent to sue. Since both companies Thikol, and HAS Robins
    have already sold, field for bankrupcy, it will become a
    community and State issue. I don't make any of this up
    Frank, it is in the public domian. Since EPA has had to
    take over alot, or most of the Mississippi super fund
    sites, it has become a federal issue. Like you said Sally
    was working out of the Baltimore, Washington DC area. The
    clean water is also federal. We have heard the EPAs lack of
    explanation concerning the lasting affects of the kids
    exposed to methle parathon here. I don't know whey you get
    so riled up Frank. I don't intend to suppress the fact
    that there alot of questions remaining out there.

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