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    Re: Beating a dead horse, trying to make it drink

    Posted by ff on 6/27/03


    Please, I am trying to understand, do you have an ongoing
    exposure/health problem that is affecting your ability to
    comprehend, or are you intentionally making absurd statements
    for some other reason? Observe.

    On 6/27/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Dr. Shoemaker is not in Moss Point giving his VCS testing
    > to try and determine the local population exposure to
    > Toxins.

    So what, how is this relevant tothe subjects and discussion
    overwhich you state i am riled?

    Correct me Hr. Huddell or Dr. Shoemaker if I am
    > wrong. The NAACP has had its public forumn concerning the
    > intent to sue. Since both companies Thikol, and HAS Robins
    > have already sold, field for bankrupcy, it will become a
    > community and State issue.

    Is there some link here to your previous inquiry and
    obsession with Sally, VCS, DuPont, and Dr. Shoemaker?

    I don't make any of this up
    > Frank, it is in the public domian.

    If it can be found in the public domain, why don't you just
    be forthcoming and stop asking questions that you already
    have public answer for?

    Since EPA has had to
    > take over alot, or most of the Mississippi super fund
    > sites, it has become a federal issue. Like you said Sally
    > was working out of the Baltimore, Washington DC area.

    *****I never said Sally was "working out of the
    Baltimore...area"!!!!!!!!!! Perfect example of some
    dysfunctional problem that need s to be recognized.

    > clean water is also federal. We have heard the EPAs lack of
    > explanation concerning the lasting affects of the kids
    > exposed to methle parathon here.

    methyl parathion

    I don't know whey you get
    > so riled up Frank.

    Not riled, but what does it take to bring you to your
    senses? It is dangerous, when you make allegations that are
    potentially injurious to others, to not be able to dissect
    fact from false conclusions from imagination. If you respond
    in this manner in your lawsuit, I believe you will be in
    trouble, but ask your lawyer. It is possible, and what I am
    trying to understand, or you should try and understand, is
    whether you do this knowingly? You may not know?

    I don't intend to suppress the fact
    > that there alot of questions remaining out there.

    ? Ok, good?


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