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    Re: Beating a dead horse, trying to make it drink

    Posted by johncodie on 6/27/03

    Ok Frank, Here it is:

    On the public domain, from correspondence to/from Dr. Shoemaker,
    under a herbal remedy site that posted for Dr. Shoemaker. She
    (Sally) says that she is from Tampa Fl. area, and she had
    previously worked in Washington DC. area, gone to George
    Washington University, and was experienced in the medical field.

    You read:

    You replied that you had knowledge of the women during this
    period as either a federal/state employed individual.


    Thanks for the site reference. I remember Sally, she worked for a
    state/fed. agency as an environmental investigator. I don't know
    alliance she is referring to, but it could be of state employees,
    as a
    number of them reported health problems from exposures to many
    during the relevant time period. Their complaints were not
    recieved well
    by the state, and the typical damage control group emerged to
    squelch it

    Greg, rushed in for the defense, as he has been promoting Dr.
    Shoemaker prior to my post here, in the yahoo. sick building
    board. I won't post his postings here, but it was very pro Dr.
    Shoemaker. Why would an independent business man be promoting
    this Dr. if he had no valid personal/financial interest.

    Like I said Frank, I just follow the leads. Once you post to the
    public domain, it remains. It is provided specificly for the
    intent of advertising.

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