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    Re: To the glue factory please, it's finally over. Bury it

    Posted by johncodie on 6/27/03

    Time to take whatever you and Sally take for your VCS screening. You
    two do have a common link. It is Dr. Richie Shoemaker. He did not
    know of the Doctor that was referring to him as a Quack, so I guess
    it could not be true. Some of Dr. Shoemaker's request for data from
    a web herb site. And Frank just remember your one of his patients.

    Hi there. I am a 50 year old woman now. Back in 1989 I began to have
    symptoms that were diagnosed in 1992 as "fibromyalgia". I saw many
    many specialists while looking for answers. But before I started on
    this treck to find an answer, I went to the psychiatrist with the
    most "clout" in Tampa Bay. I believed if a woman tells a doctor she
    is "tired all of the time" his first thought will be "she's sick in
    the head". I began sessions with the psychiatrist to either get my
    illness diagnosed, or to prove to the medical doctors I wasn't making
    this up in my head. After three sessions the psychiatrist said "your
    illness is not in your head. It's in your body." I then had him put
    that in writing and carried it with me to every doctor. As you might
    guess, out of the first 5 specialists, 3 of them started to tell me
    it was an imaginary illness. Then I whipped out the well known
    psychiatrist's note and told these "specialists" they must refer me
    to someone who isn't going to stop looking for answers just because
    they cannot figure it out. However, even though I finally got a
    diagnosis, and finally got treatment that "helped" me cope, I wasn't
    satisfied. I got lectures about Job, from the Bible, who probably had
    fibromyalgia and was "assured" since Jesus's time no one could figure
    out the cause. Maybe that is so, but:

    Here in Florida, and throughout the North American Continent, DuPont
    distributed a pesticide which was intentionally contaminated with
    illegal ingredient(s). The pesticide was recalled in 1992. Because so
    many people got sick with the same or similar symptoms many of us
    formed a secret alliance. Some took the road for compensation and
    revenge against DuPont. Some took the road to find a treatment for
    our illness. In any event, one of those people heard Dr. Richie
    Shoemaker on a talk show (radio I think). He called Dr. Shoemaker and
    took the vision test. He was so excited with the encouragement Dr.
    Shoemaker gave him he purchased a vision test kit and learned how to
    conduct the test. At his invitation, I went to the man's house (in
    Florida) and took the vision test. He faxed the results to Dr.
    Shoemaker (in Maryland) and we waited about 5 minutes for Dr.
    Shoemaker to call back. At this point I was on (excuse my spelling),
    prednisone, hydrocordone, Paxil, Xanax, several muscle relaxers, a
    sleeping pill, and the three times a month pain shot, and the three
    times a week-three hours per session hospital in-house physical
    therapy treatment. I had constant headaches, couldn't sit more than
    15 minutes, twitched all over (too much for the neurologist to do an
    EEG), diarrhea (IBS), vomiting, an ulcer, wearing diapers due to my
    inability to hold my urine, short-term memory loss, couldn't add 2+2
    ( in the 70's and 80's I was a Research Assistant at Harvard and
    Johns Hopkins, and did my graduate work at George Washington
    University), sometimes couldn't even remember my birthdate, never
    could remember how old I was, and it took me 3 minutes to stand erect
    after I sat in a car more than 15 minutes, and skin problems that
    included rashes, and blistering. And my moods!! Oh such outbursts I
    had. Uncontrollable. When I spoke to Dr. Shoemaker that first time I
    was slurring my speech too. I also had many car accidents (little
    ones) whereby I'd hit curbs, run into fences, no depth perception to
    speak of.

    I went on Dr. Shoemaker's treatment as soon as I could get the
    prescription. Within two weeks I was no longer having diarrhea,
    incontinence (urine), twitching, mood swings, physical therapy, short-
    term memory loss, rashes. I could get out of a car after 1 hour of
    driving and hit the ground running. I could ride my horse without
    being an invalid in bed, and my husband dragging me to the bathroom
    for the next two weeks. I can take an IQ test and be e-mailed by
    Mensa to take their test (my mother, her brothers, and my father
    are/were Mensa). And get THIS, I no longer take any pain medicines
    regularly (just the occassionaly asprin), muscle relaxers, anti-
    depressants, sleeping pills, or have any physical therapy or shots. I
    can go to the gym and work-out too!

    As for the success rate. All of the people in our little alliance,
    ALL of them who take Dr. Shoemaker's medicine, ALL of them who were
    diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia, are in the same condition
    as ME!!!! I think the success rate can be given a 90%. New people who
    are introduced to Dr. Shoemaker by us and are NOT diagnosed by the
    vision test as having a chronic neurotoxic syndrome do not get the
    treatment (to the best of my knowledge). But new people who take the
    vision test,and were not exposed (knowingly) to the DuPont pesticide,
    and who are diagnosed with the chronic neurotoxic syndrome are having
    success with the treatment. I think the success rate could be as high
    as 90%.

    If you call Dr. Shoemaker, he will not acknowledge the pesticide
    distributed by DuPont was the cause of our problems. However, he is
    getting cooperation from the Federal agencies in the form of grants
    ($,$$$,$$$) to research all of the possibilities. Dr. Shoemaker
    apparently believes my alliance group was exposed to toxins that
    either were created by the pesticide, or soils affected by pesticides
    in general. I am never sure of his thoughts because I only call him
    when I am in crisis. I hate taking the medicine because it is like
    taking Metamusal. So I go off it until one of my symptoms starts to
    get out of hand. The first symptom is ususally insomnia. But muscle
    aches, and other flu like symptoms sometimes come first. When that
    happens it takes at least 5 days of treatment before I get better.

    I hope you are excited enough to buy one of his books. Or even to
    call him. Your web site was very interesting to me. I sincerely hope
    you and other visitors to your site can benefit from Dr.
    Shoemaker's "discovery". I was the one who eventually told Dr.
    Shoemaker that his medicine, cholestyramine, had been used to
    detoxify people exposed and made sick by organochlorines many many
    years ago. It just isn't common knowledge because the most commonly
    treated poisoning was DDT exposures. And DDT hasn't been used in the
    USA for a very long time.


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