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    Re: MCS, VCS, CSM, one case

    Posted by ff on 6/28/03


    I found the following MCS related post by johncodie interesting, and
    don't understand his complaint here. According to the email, it looks
    like a person was ill, and eventually found effective treatment. What
    is wrong with that? No easier way to reduce liability than to reduce,
    or eliminate, the impact? Solve the problem?


    On 6/27/03, johncodie wrote:
    > Time to take whatever you and Sally take for your VCS screening. You
    > two do have a common link. It is Dr. Richie Shoemaker. He did not
    > know of the Doctor that was referring to him as a Quack, so I guess
    > it could not be true. Some of Dr. Shoemaker's request for data from
    > a web herb site. And Frank just remember your one of his patients.
    > Hi there. I am a 50 year old woman now. Back in 1989 I began to have
    > symptoms that were diagnosed in 1992 as "fibromyalgia". I saw many
    > many specialists while looking for answers. But before I started on
    > this treck to find an answer, I went to the psychiatrist with the
    > most "clout" in Tampa Bay. I believed if a woman tells a doctor she
    > is "tired all of the time" his first thought will be "she's sick in
    > the head". I began sessions with the psychiatrist to either get my
    > illness diagnosed, or to prove to the medical doctors I wasn't making
    > this up in my head. After three sessions the psychiatrist said "your
    > illness is not in your head. It's in your body." I then had him put
    > that in writing and carried it with me to every doctor. As you might
    > guess, out of the first 5 specialists, 3 of them started to tell me
    > it was an imaginary illness. Then I whipped out the well known
    > psychiatrist's note and told these "specialists" they must refer me
    > to someone who isn't going to stop looking for answers just because
    > they cannot figure it out. However, even though I finally got a
    > diagnosis, and finally got treatment that "helped" me cope, I wasn't
    > satisfied. I got lectures about Job, from the Bible, who probably had
    > fibromyalgia and was "assured" since Jesus's time no one could figure
    > out the cause. Maybe that is so, but:
    > Here in Florida, and throughout the North American Continent, DuPont
    > distributed a pesticide which was intentionally contaminated with
    > illegal ingredient(s). The pesticide was recalled in 1992. Because so
    > many people got sick with the same or similar symptoms many of us
    > formed a secret alliance. Some took the road for compensation and
    > revenge against DuPont. Some took the road to find a treatment for
    > our illness. In any event, one of those people heard Dr. Richie
    > Shoemaker on a talk show (radio I think). He called Dr. Shoemaker and
    > took the vision test. He was so excited with the encouragement Dr.
    > Shoemaker gave him he purchased a vision test kit and learned how to
    > conduct the test. At his invitation, I went to the man's house (in
    > Florida) and took the vision test. He faxed the results to Dr.
    > Shoemaker (in Maryland) and we waited about 5 minutes for Dr.
    > Shoemaker to call back. At this point I was on (excuse my spelling),
    > prednisone, hydrocordone, Paxil, Xanax, several muscle relaxers, a
    > sleeping pill, and the three times a month pain shot, and the three
    > times a week-three hours per session hospital in-house physical
    > therapy treatment. I had constant headaches, couldn't sit more than
    > 15 minutes, twitched all over (too much for the neurologist to do an
    > EEG), diarrhea (IBS), vomiting, an ulcer, wearing diapers due to my
    > inability to hold my urine, short-term memory loss, couldn't add 2+2
    > ( in the 70's and 80's I was a Research Assistant at Harvard and
    > Johns Hopkins, and did my graduate work at George Washington
    > University), sometimes couldn't even remember my birthdate, never
    > could remember how old I was, and it took me 3 minutes to stand erect
    > after I sat in a car more than 15 minutes, and skin problems that
    > included rashes, and blistering. And my moods!! Oh such outbursts I
    > had. Uncontrollable. When I spoke to Dr. Shoemaker that first time I
    > was slurring my speech too. I also had many car accidents (little
    > ones) whereby I'd hit curbs, run into fences, no depth perception to
    > speak of.
    > I went on Dr. Shoemaker's treatment as soon as I could get the
    > prescription. Within two weeks I was no longer having diarrhea,
    > incontinence (urine), twitching, mood swings, physical therapy, short-
    > term memory loss, rashes. I could get out of a car after 1 hour of
    > driving and hit the ground running. I could ride my horse without
    > being an invalid in bed, and my husband dragging me to the bathroom
    > for the next two weeks. I can take an IQ test and be e-mailed by
    > Mensa to take their test (my mother, her brothers, and my father
    > are/were Mensa). And get THIS, I no longer take any pain medicines
    > regularly (just the occassionaly asprin), muscle relaxers, anti-
    > depressants, sleeping pills, or have any physical therapy or shots. I
    > can go to the gym and work-out too!
    > As for the success rate. All of the people in our little alliance,
    > ALL of them who take Dr. Shoemaker's medicine, ALL of them who were
    > diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia, are in the same condition
    > as ME!!!! I think the success rate can be given a 90&37;. New people
    > are introduced to Dr. Shoemaker by us and are NOT diagnosed by the
    > vision test as having a chronic neurotoxic syndrome do not get the
    > treatment (to the best of my knowledge). But new people who take the
    > vision test,and were not exposed (knowingly) to the DuPont pesticide,
    > and who are diagnosed with the chronic neurotoxic syndrome are having
    > success with the treatment. I think the success rate could be as high
    > as 90&37;.
    > If you call Dr. Shoemaker, he will not acknowledge the pesticide
    > distributed by DuPont was the cause of our problems. However, he is
    > getting cooperation from the Federal agencies in the form of grants
    > ($,$$$,$$$) to research all of the possibilities. Dr. Shoemaker
    > apparently believes my alliance group was exposed to toxins that
    > either were created by the pesticide, or soils affected by pesticides
    > in general. I am never sure of his thoughts because I only call him
    > when I am in crisis. I hate taking the medicine because it is like
    > taking Metamusal. So I go off it until one of my symptoms starts to
    > get out of hand. The first symptom is ususally insomnia. But muscle
    > aches, and other flu like symptoms sometimes come first. When that
    > happens it takes at least 5 days of treatment before I get better.
    > I hope you are excited enough to buy one of his books. Or even to
    > call him. Your web site was very interesting to me. I sincerely hope
    > you and other visitors to your site can benefit from Dr.
    > Shoemaker's "discovery". I was the one who eventually told Dr.
    > Shoemaker that his medicine, cholestyramine, had been used to
    > detoxify people exposed and made sick by organochlorines many many
    > years ago. It just isn't common knowledge because the most commonly
    > treated poisoning was DDT exposures. And DDT hasn't been used in the
    > USA for a very long time.
    > Sincerely,
    > Sally

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