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    Re: this message board

    Posted by ff on 6/27/03


    You are of course, absolutely correct. I apologize again for
    the unsuccessful effort on my part to reason with mr. codie.
    He does reference an issue of chemical exposure in which
    numerous people reportedly develped MCS along with other
    problems. If one thing did surface, it was the mention of
    EPA's book on treating pesticide poisoning, and CSM as the

    Enough is enough though, so thank you for your wake-up call.


    On 6/27/03, pat wrote:
    > If I am not mistaken (and I am not) this board is supposed
    > to be on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), yet very
    > little of what is posted here has anything to do with MCS.
    > We have people insulting others, mocking sufferers or
    > doctors, people ignoring any data on MCS, and so forth.
    > Why is this allowed to continue? Given the current state of
    > such nonsense, what makes this message board any different
    > from all the other intellectually absent message boards?
    > Given the supposed limitation of keeping discussions to
    > MCS---as implicated by this particular message board’s
    > title("MCS Chatboard")---shouldn't posts actually be about
    > ~ Pat

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