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    Re: Tying it all together

    Posted by ff on 6/28/03


    Typically, as I have noticed, the focus is on one or the other,
    MCS or SBI (mold). Apparently, you have sensitivities to
    both? Could a chemical affect/alter microbial populations?

    Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated.

    NOTE TO johncodie: I did not jump to a conclusion here, I
    asked a question, addressed directly to the appropriate person.


    On 6/28/03, Sally wrote:
    > Dear Pat,
    > The "bickering" you are seeing on this chat board is
    > apparently the result of many frustrations coming out. I
    > have a multiple chemical sensitivity problem that makes me
    > think twice about everything I do, including washing my hands
    > in public restrooms. I can sniff out cholinesterase
    > inhibitors, whether or not they have been treated to
    > eliminate odors. Therefore, when my office building is
    > treated for pests I must vacate. Or if there is a mold
    > behind walls of a client, I can tell. (especially when it has
    > been treated with a disinfectant or mildewcide). But the
    > bottom line appears to be there are a lot of people who are
    > looking for answers. Not for places to complain about their
    > sensitivities. Are you unhappy with this chatroom because of
    > the arguements?? Or are you looking for a chatroom where all
    > people do is complain?? I do not understand? :)
    > What I have read so far is there are people who have found
    > help, and others who doubt them.
    > I found help. And I am greatful for the ongoing discussions
    > that might be perceived as argueing by some. I used to feel
    > sad when someone doubted my success, now I just have to laugh
    > at them. I am as normal as I can be, and live a very
    > prosperous and happy life.
    > Sally
    > formerly of Wellesley, MA, Washington, D.C/Baltimore, &
    > currently of Tampa, FL

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