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    Post: VCS - why doubt it?

    Posted by Sally on 6/28/03

    I have not had a VCS test in years. I want everyone who
    reads this post to know the VCS test was not used
    to "diagnose" me so much as it was to verify the
    neurological impact of my illness(es). My first test WAS
    performed in FF's home. My first test was then faxed to
    Dr. Shoemaker. My first prescription of cholestyramine was
    given to me by a doctor who had seen me over the course of
    several years. She was the one who had to prescribe all of
    the pain medicines, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, anti-
    inflammatory, sleep aids, EEGs, blood tests, nerve biopsys,
    physical therapy..etc etc too. She was as frustrated with
    my inablilities to perform as a normal person as I was.
    She was astounded at the results I got from Dr. Richie
    Shoemaker's recommended treatment of cholestyramine. She
    still thinks it is "too weird". Although I have not seen
    her in 5 years as a patient. I have not had to. I am ALIVE
    again. And as my daughter said to Dr. Shoemaker,on the
    telephone, Mommy is back.


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