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    Re: VCS - why doubt it?

    Posted by ff on 6/28/03

    TO: Mr. Johancodie?

    I'm just going to drop it, I think, because further comment
    will likely lead to more fasle allegations and conclusions.
    Unless! Unless, you want to move forward and stay on subject.

    The VCS was a great way for me to confirm my percieved or
    believed improvement with cholestyramine, and decline with
    reexposure and/or new exposures. But, that's Dr. Shoemaker's
    on going effort/work.

    Sally, I am glad to hear you are doing so well!! My
    gosh...what a relief, I know the feeling. Hey, I'm back to
    early mornings without an alarm clock, and no longer require
    the 2-3 hour procedure for slow and painful wake-up/arise

    johancodie's a nice guy, means well, and I should back off on
    the criticism, if he has similar health problems. I had a
    very difficult time with thought processes as you did.

    Keep in touch, and thanks for your responseon MCS/Mold. I
    still think, the agency employee exposure, was a result of
    the combination (triazoles enhance cell permeability). The
    site remains abandoned.


    On 6/28/03, Sally wrote:
    > I have not had a VCS test in years. I want everyone who
    > reads this post to know the VCS test was not used
    > to "diagnose" me so much as it was to verify the
    > neurological impact of my illness(es). My first test WAS
    > performed in FF's home. My first test was then faxed to
    > Dr. Shoemaker. My first prescription of cholestyramine was
    > given to me by a doctor who had seen me over the course of
    > several years. She was the one who had to prescribe all of
    > the pain medicines, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, anti-
    > inflammatory, sleep aids, EEGs, blood tests, nerve biopsys,
    > physical therapy..etc etc too. She was as frustrated with
    > my inablilities to perform as a normal person as I was.
    > She was astounded at the results I got from Dr. Richie
    > Shoemaker's recommended treatment of cholestyramine. She
    > still thinks it is "too weird". Although I have not seen
    > her in 5 years as a patient. I have not had to. I am ALIVE
    > again. And as my daughter said to Dr. Shoemaker,on the
    > telephone, Mommy is back.
    > Sally

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