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    Re: Actions Against MCS'ers Gotten Way Out Of Hand

    Posted by Zachary Angelo on 7/09/03

    Oh wow, Ginger V -----I whole heartedly agree with you on
    this. Isn't it scary how these hellhounds think they can harm
    people they're jealous of with toxic aerosols, cigarette
    smoke, and whatnots? The even scarier part is 'they get away
    with it!' It's all part of their scheme to get their victim
    to react (and even if it's a minor self defensive legal and
    harmless reaction they will exaggerate to make it look as
    though their victim has threatened them) and of course,
    sadly, our police dept. believes these lying s.o.b's! Too
    much freedom is in the hands of those fiendishly desiring to
    hurt a person's rep just because THEY don't like them.
    Authorities need to get on the ball taking into consideration
    conspiracies do exist, and hopefully enact better more
    effective laws greatly needed by those of us who fall prey of
    these animals.

    The case with your neighbors may just so be that they're part
    of a hate group...and I surely agree on your common sense
    that it is very quite possible these people have some
    affiliation with the person they brought the trailer off of,
    privately. They could be working on you, so be careful not to
    feed them anything they can alter and lie about on statements
    against you. Since she's lied to police to have you arrested
    before, they may think this last neighbor gave them some sort
    of leeway. Because this is on your record, it gives them the
    advantage to lie also like she did against you, making their
    false accusations look true to any authority not willing to
    investigate deeply into the situation and catch these demons
    in their little lies. You're absolutely right....they should
    not be allowed to do this!!!

    It's so, so true, Ginger V that we're living in a sick world
    where people take their jealousy to extremes (could be a
    minor thing like a neighbor owning a foot more property than
    them) and they set out to punish innocent victims by fooling
    the police into thinking they're criminals and shoving them
    behind bars, so they can feed on probably the only thrill
    they can ever achieve in their low lives knowing you're
    suffering. I'll bet you feel like Cinderella, ha? Hang in
    there Ginger, God will certainly do justice in the end if you
    get nowhere with our judicial system. I pray for you :)

    On 7/08/03, Ginger Vivian wrote:
    > I'm being disturbed late at night and early in the morning
    > by unnecessary drifts of toxic perfumed products, and
    > second-hand tobacco smoke. It's being sucked right into my
    > window fan which during the hot summer months is my only
    > source of fresh cooler air, and to add, the 'new' mobile
    > home I live in came with a 'health warning notice' stating
    > the importance of proper ventilation, so it is vital to
    > keep my windows open/fans on!!! But when I'm awakened from
    > a sleep to find the atmosphere in my room filled with a
    > stench of toxic trash, is it normal to raise my voice, feel
    > offended since it happens every single night, and maybe say
    > things like "Keep it out of my window!" or "Doesn't anybody
    > sleep around here?" I mean..... are these offensive words?
    > Have I threatened anyone? And who's the one being disturbed
    > first, me or them? Do I need such responses as harsh
    > hollering "SHUT UP!" coming from them? And of course, if I
    > say something back, I'd be the one accused of
    > harassment.....does this sound fair? You know I'm being set
    > up! They're well aware that these substances bother me and
    > they just keep it up all the more. Should they be allowed
    > to harass a person like this?
    > One neighbor a few years back had nerve to make false
    > complaints to the police about me (saying I threatened her
    > which is a downright lie, lie, lie) just to cover herself
    > from me possibly complaining about her 'crack' smoking
    > drifting into my window all night long....and I should've
    > turned her in but I was 'minding my own business' not
    > looking for trouble and not expecting any trouble. After
    > creating hell for me, she moved and sold her place to
    > friends. And it's so ironic the way the same thing seems to
    > be happening all over again. Anyone with common sense would
    > assume a conspiracy pending, and doesn't necessarily
    > require medication and psychiatric help because they put
    > two and two together!
    > What I'd like to know is WHY there aren't any laws against
    > deliberately harassing someone with toxic substances
    > during 'sleeping' and disturbance-of-the-peace hours, with
    > intentions of getting a rise out of the victim so they can
    > set them up with a false arrest just to make themselves
    > feel better? Who is ANYONE to get away with messing a
    > person's life/reputation just because they were wise enough
    > to speak up rather than settle for being harmed by toxic
    > drifts? It's funny how people take things to the extremes
    > when they fail at trying to control a person's life. The
    > authorities need to catch on to what these trouble making
    > devils are doing, because I feel they contribute to wasting
    > police valuable time when they call in about innocent
    > people.
    > And another thing, what can I do about the landlord of this
    > park who totally refuses to address my complaint to these
    > spiteful neighbors, simply advising them to blow their
    > smoke out the window NOT facing my home, or better yet keep
    > them closed and get a smokeless ashtray if they intend to
    > be up all night smoking? She states she can't control what
    > people do in their homes, but yet, what they are doing
    > inside, is ending up outside and in my home which doesn't
    > seem to register! And, I have been put under control in my
    > own home, having to watch the decibel level of my voice
    > ANYTIME of the day and night, because it's disturbing to
    > them.....isn't this controlling what I do in my home? Seems
    > like this landlord is playing favorites and only setting
    > down specific rules for me. When asked for a copy of the
    > park rules she claimed she had none and they were being
    > typed up since they change often!?!? Months later, I still
    > haven't received a copy of the rules. She'd rather me break
    > rules I don't know exist, to give herself a reason to yell
    > and complain to me. Then if I verbally defend myself I
    > should be bitterly penalized for it? I am being out cast
    > over here and I'd like to know if I have to settle for this
    > from some christian going landlord who may just be opposing
    > to my situation living with a man I not only don't get
    > along with, but am not married to? It's up to me when I'm
    > financially prepared to take off, and believe me I will.
    > And frankly, it's none of any landlord/neighbor's business
    > to interfere with my life like this, make false complaints
    > to the police just to get me out of here, screw my health
    > with their toxic drifts, and just control my life like
    > they've been granted some sort of higher power. I want this
    > conspiracy stopped against me, and I'm in search of a
    > lawyer who cares or knows how to handle such a case.
    > Please, no responses from anyone who thinks they may know
    > who I am, or perhaps my tomentors themselves in fear I may
    > seek answers and assistance to ending their little game
    > they think they can play with me forever.

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