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    Post: for John Codie

    Posted by Sally on 7/09/03

    I somehow wish I could meet you. I do not want to convince
    you (or anyone else) to use cholestyramine as a treatment
    for whatever ails you. However, I would like you to know
    that I have approximately 30 lbs. of doctors' records kept
    in my closet to prove how awful my "disease" was. I saw
    just about every specialist you can name in the medical
    field. They all had "positive" results in one aspect or
    another that I was truly suffering from something that they
    could not explain. Unfortunately, most doctors are only
    knowledgable in the treatment of symptoms. This is
    especially true when no "disease" is catalogued to have a
    definition that includes every problem I used to have. So I
    ended up with a closet full of medications. They all were
    successful, to some extent, to releave symptoms I was
    experiencing. However, Dr. Richie Shoemaker's protocol had
    an effect on all of the symptoms. Dr. Hudnell gave it a
    name. I realize how many people think them to be "quacks",
    or whatever. But it takes years to prove some theories. I
    have nothing but the utmost respect for those two. I would
    not be able to continue their fight to try showing
    neighsayers they are correct. I came from a very extensive
    scientific background. My father was a physicist with over
    150 patents. My mother was a mensa. Both of them instilled
    in me the sense of wonder, and doubt. All I can say is, if
    they were alive now, they would have no doubts about Dr.
    Shoemaker and Dr. Hudnell's work. Plus, my father's
    favorite line about research was "it is easier to prove
    something is NOT true, than it is to prove something IS

    I respectfully am closing now, Sally

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