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    Re: for John Codie

    Posted by johncodie on 7/09/03

    On 7/09/03, Sally wrote:
    > John,
    > I somehow wish I could meet you. Being an educated village
    idiot, there is safety in the village, or jungle. Having
    clearances and other information that can't be divulged
    relevant to MCS that might not be possible at this time.

    I do not want to convince
    > you (or anyone else) to use cholestyramine as a treatment
    > for whatever ails you.

    My thoughts for help would go the Gingersnap19642002 from the group. She has
    been forced by Portsmith Naval Shipyard to go on
    disabilites. Her case is the most public and political for
    MCS that provides one of the best test cases for Dr.
    Shoemaker, or Dr. Huddell. It has already reached
    congessional attention, and has been addressed by upper DOD
    management. There is a challenge there to put patient to
    cure, so she may return to work.

    However, I would like you to know
    > that I have approximately 30 lbs. of doctors' records kept
    > in my closet to prove how awful my "disease" was. I saw
    > just about every specialist you can name in the medical
    > field. They all had "positive" results in one aspect or
    > another that I was truly suffering from something that they
    > could not explain. Unfortunately, most doctors are only
    > knowledgable in the treatment of symptoms. This is
    > especially true when no "disease" is catalogued to have a
    > definition that includes every problem I used to have. So I
    > ended up with a closet full of medications. They all were
    > successful, to some extent, to releave symptoms I was
    > experiencing.

    However, Dr. Richie Shoemaker's protocol had
    > an effect on all of the symptoms. Dr. Hudnell gave it a
    > name.

    Dr. Richie Shoemaker became a celeberty with his knowledge
    and treatment of redtide, which is occuring world wide.

    It is a fact that he did not first administer
    cholestryrmiane. It has been on the market for many years as
    a cholestrial reducer. I have basic knowlege of cleating
    agents from my background. What toxins are removed by
    cholestryrmiane is not clearly know but it is a product that
    has been studied for many years for the benefit of diebetic
    patients where blood sugar, and reduction of cholestial is
    very important.

    VCS was not originated by Dr. Shoemaker or Dr. Hudnell as it
    has been used else where as indications if patients have been
    taking their medications; and for specifics for early
    detection of other body and eye diseases. The claims of
    association of toxins with cures has not been shown to be
    contained within controlled clinical evaluations.

    I realize how many people think them to be "quacks",
    > or whatever. But it takes years to prove some theories. I
    > have nothing but the utmost respect for those two.

    The two have reach celeberty status from their persentations
    to international peer review groups and persentations to
    senior citizens of thier treatment protocols.

    I would not be able to continue their fight to try showing
    > neighsayers they are correct. I came from a very extensive
    > scientific background. My father was a physicist with over
    > 150 patents. My mother was a mensa. Both of them instilled
    > in me the sense of wonder, and doubt. All I can say is, if
    > they were alive now, they would have no doubts about Dr.
    > Shoemaker and Dr. Hudnell's work.

    I may be the village idot but I have the basic higher
    education with a minor in math; organic and inorganic
    chemistry; put 25 years in the industry to know the business
    of salesmanship.

    Plus, my father's
    > favorite line about research was "it is easier to prove
    > something is NOT true, than it is to prove something IS
    > true".

    This is not research, it is the salesmanship of a protocol
    for cholestryamine using VCS that has been applied to almost
    every ailment that current medical dictionaies have not
    designated an appropriate diagnosis.

    There are still a few old timers that still believe that when
    a cancer patient is realing from the side effects of
    radiation or chemotherpy that a old fashioned Enema is a good
    cure. Point being if cholestryamine has a benefical effect
    for most all people regardless because we are an obess
    society; why should we not just prescribe it as we supplement
    with multiple vitamins. Reason Kraft is preparing for the
    next generation "FAT" litigation.

    Don't get me wrong, my family has been helped with menopause
    because most doctors can't handel the changing of life, or
    properly treat for it. The Dr. (Female) simply stated less
    is more; but it is regimented in first exercise and good

    > I respectfully am closing now, Sally

    My problem is a political is one as we have been taken to the
    cleaners, robbed and taken to the county line and abandoned.
    My message to Frank as he vaguely admitted that you two did
    work together, was "so what". My family can't afford this
    continuing stream of "so what" for seven years. A higher
    authority will have to define the price of what
    these "multitude of so whats" is going to cost them.

    If something could be done for Gingersnap19642000's MCS;
    there would be alot more happy people. We shared a rather
    lonely New Years Eve on the board.

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