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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by iain lee on 11/06/03

    just come across your site .If your a researcher you may find the
    research being done in scotland of interest . The M.E./CFS
    RESEARCH SITE can be found at

    On 9/12/03, Pat wrote:
    > His name is Martin Pall, a WSU Biochemist who is very
    > I have often corresponded with him. He is such a nice guy!
    > His phone number is 509-335-1246, and his email address is
    > Pall's theory is a fusion of two prior theories: The theory of
    > neural sensitization and his own theory that NO/and its oxidant
    > product induce MCS when elevated in the body. Neural
    > sensitization, Pall explains, says "that the synapses in the
    > brain, the connections between nerve cells by which one nerve
    > stimulates (or in some cases inhibits) another become
    > hypersensitive in MCS. This neural sensitization theory is
    > supported by observations that many of the symptoms of MCS relate
    > directly to brain function and that a number of studies have
    > that scans of the brains of MCS people, performed by techniques
    > known as PET scanning or SPECT scanning are abnormal. There is
    > also evidence that electrical activity in the brains of MCS
    > people, measured by EEG's, is also abnormal. Neural sensitization
    > is produced by a mechanism known as long term potentiation, a
    > mechanism that has a role in learning and memory. Long term
    > potentiation produces neural sensitization but in the normal
    > nervous system, it does so very selectively - increasing the
    > sensitivity of certain selected synapses. In MCS, it may be
    > suggested, that a widespread sensitization may be involved that
    > somehow triggered by chemical or pesticide exposure." ~ Taken
    > I have included Pall's theory, plus the evidence for it in a
    > recent paper I wrote, which is currently being reviewed by
    > Nicholas Ashford.
    > Pall's essay (linked to above) discusses the blood-brain barrier
    > and its relationship to MCS.
    > As was the case nearly a decade ago, there is just too much
    > evidence for honest, objective skepticism to remain. "Skepticism"
    > remains for reasons other than objectivity.
    > ~ Pat
    > On 9/06/03, jenny wrote:
    >> Yes--there is research even done by someone in washington
    >> state who claims something very similar to this, including
    >> increases of NO--nitric oxide. My sister is a medical student
    >> at mayo and she is trying to get more information on this, and
    >> plans to contact this professor or try to start a research
    >> program regarding this, since there are no resources for people
    >> with this condition. In the mean time, we need to educate
    >> others about mcs, because I find it appalling that this stupid
    >> society believes it's psychogenic. So far they also believed
    >> fibro, cfs, asthma, and ms were psychogenic. Well they need to
    >> learn from their mistakes --- it's unfair that people with mcs
    >> have to suffer like this with no hope and no solution...

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