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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by Deborah D. on 8/29/03

    Makes great sense. One of the first things I noticed after
    first chlordane poisoning was that a cup of coffee made me
    feel like I was doing amphetamine. I grew up drinking
    coffee milk and a cup or so a day, but had to give it up
    except for occasionally.

    On 8/28/03, Liz wrote:
    > Chemical Injury Info Network(CIIN) says one of the causes
    of chemical sensitivity(low level toxicity not allergy) is
    damage to the blood-brain barrier. The definition according
    to Health Effects of Toxic Substances by M.J.Malachowski
    is "a barrier composed of capillary endothelial cells and
    the processes of astrcytes that prevents or limits the free
    passage of substances in the blood from entrance to the CNS"
    Damage to the blood-brain barrier makes so much sense.I've
    been reading everything I can even an old medical book at
    home was so telling.I don't think neurologist can see this
    on current brain scans. Still searching if it's like
    alzheimers and info only when dead. But, I asked a doctor
    (gp) if the barrier was damaged ould that help you
    understand cs better(he thought it was an allergy &or
    anxiety disorder ) and he said yes it would make a
    difference. Anyone have any info bec I think this would help
    us with credibility.

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