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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by liz on 8/29/03

    An old(1964)medical book I found says "Howthe blood-brain barrier works or even what it is made of, is not yet known(but known now) Some substances, however have properties that get past the barrier. Among these are the barbiturates that are the active ingredients of many sleeping pills; ether and nitrous oxide, or laughing gas; carbon monoxide(I think the cause of m mcs)or automobile exhaust gas;poisons cyanide and strychnine; alcohol in suffient quantities(my mcs leaves me feeling drunk then hungover alot);possibly some of the tranquilzers; and the hallucination-producing substances such as mescaline. These work in various ways to interfere with the normal function of the brain cells. They may disturb the oxygen supply(headaches?), or they may act on any of the special enzymes that convert body sugar into energy for the work the cells have to do." >>>> You know, I was also wondering why pregnant women have change in sensitivity to smell like not liking coffee aroma.

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