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    Re: Blood-brain barrier

    Posted by ff on 8/30/03

    Chemicals routinely incorporated in every thing from suncreen to
    paint to pharmaceuticals to ag chemicals (food chain) may offer
    an explanation. Chemicals that are sytemic and/or enhance cell
    permeability. Triazoles may offer an example, as they can
    increase the free space in cell wall/membrane from sat 20 percent
    to 80 percent. Cell leakage (electrolytes), changes in pH,
    increased dose effect, and disruption in natural balances in
    moicroflora/fauna in the human system may also occur. An extreme
    example is when triazoles are administered to AIDS patients:
    efficacious on target organisms, but the non-target microbes
    fluourish and end up killing the patient.

    In plant cells, and effects in humans are documented as similar,
    triazoles zap enzymes through the leaf cuticle/cell membrane, and
    yield tremendous increases/enhancement/dose effect. Enhancement
    into plant cells occurs with biotoxins from various deleterious
    bacteria )pseudomonas for example and phytotoxicants produced by
    fungi. My feeling is, take triazole, experience amild exposure to
    trichothecenes for example, and it hits you like a 100 X dose.

    If this is a vialble subject, of interest, we should seek comment
    from Medical researchers/MD's that are knowlegeable in this area.


    On 8/29/03, liz wrote:
    > An old(1964)medical book I found says "Howthe blood-brain
    barrier works or even what it is made of, is not yet known(but
    known now) Some substances, however have properties that get past
    the barrier. Among these are the barbiturates that are the active
    ingredients of many sleeping pills; ether and nitrous oxide, or
    laughing gas; carbon monoxide(I think the cause of m mcs)or
    automobile exhaust gas;poisons cyanide and strychnine; alcohol in
    suffient quantities(my mcs leaves me feeling drunk then hungover
    alot);possibly some of the tranquilzers; and the hallucination-
    producing substances such as mescaline. These work in various
    ways to interfere with the normal function of the brain cells.
    They may disturb the oxygen supply(headaches?), or they may act
    on any of the special enzymes that convert body sugar into energy
    for the work the cells have to do." >>>> You know, I was also
    wondering why pregnant women have change in sensitivity to smell
    like not liking coffee aroma.

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